Atomic diet

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Key recommendations

the Main condition for atomic diet is a complete rejection of the night meal (last meal 3 hours before a night's rest). This technique does not impose restrictions on the number allowed to eat food (total exclusion subject bakery products, sugar and potatoes).

the Author strongly recommends not to starve while on a diet. This leads to a paradoxical result – the weight stops at a certain level and never goes, but at the first opportunity, the body acquires new reserves of adipose tissue, forming her almost out of thin air. However, overeating can not in any case eating permitted foods "basins", to lose weight fail.

the Author insists that during weight loss can not consider ourselves deprived of something we should not turn away from the pleasures of life. If you have to travel out of town for kebabs, takeout, there is no need – just have to exclude vegetables. Instead, it is quite permissible to indulge yourself with a dry wine (it contains not so many carbs, so much impact on the process of losing weight will not happen). The same applies to restaurants – with the wealth of menus that they offer, it is easy to find the right diet, and no one can stop losing weight person to enjoy life.

Another important point: during the diet you will lose weight in cycles – a few days, adipose tissue melts with astonishing speed, and then weight for a while freezes on the "dead point". Seeing that the process of losing weight slowed down, to survive and to throw the diet not worth it.

Menu atomic diet

the nuclear Diet of the diet allows you to alternate the carbohydrate and protein days (day through day).

Menu carbohydrate days includes vegetables and fruits. You can eat: vegetable soup (soup), saute, Lecho, stews, vegetable and fruit salads, etc. is Useful to drink ginger tea – it enhances metabolism and speeds up fat burning process.

the menu days of protein include: chicken, beef, fish, cheese, yogurt, etc. it is recommended to Drink pure water and coffee with milk.

Upon reaching the desired result, the menu can be slightly adjusted by inserting a oat and buckwheat porridge, and pasta from flour of coarse grinding.

A small addition

If you have a desire to increase the performance of this technique, it is possible to listen to the recommendations of those nutritionists who believe that food should be selected with a given blood group.

1 blood
• Useful are: fish, meat, tomatoes and citrus
• Damage is done: corn, wheat, potatoes, legumes, eggplant

2nd group of blood
• Useful are: fish, chicken, dairy products, vegetables
• bring Harm: any meat (except chicken), whole milk, citrus fruits, bananas, sausages, bell pepper, eggplant and tomatoes

the 3-rd group of blood
• Benefits: lean meats, fruits, vegetables, dairy products
• Bad to eat: chicken, pumpkin, tomato, radish, pomegranates, persimmons

the 4th group of blood
• Useful are: rice, vegetables, fish, grapefruits, lemons, kiwi, chicken meat
• Damage is done: meat products, corn, buckwheat, wheat, flounder

Those products that are not listed above are considered neutral – they can use any blood group

Sports during the diet

the Author believes that the best diet support meal plan is the fat deposits start be burned approximately 40 to howl the moment, so the walks should devote at least an hour and a half.

Running junk (especially if you have a large excess weight – too much stress on the joints). Dance lovers can burn fat, rhythmically moving under the fiery music. But the trainers during this eating plan does not bring visible results – why this is so, is difficult to answer.


Atomic diet for weight loss deserves its name – it very effectively eliminates excess weight. The nice quality of this method is the almost total lack of hunger.