Salt-free diet

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Salt-free diet in the struggle for a slim figure and health

to Lose weight, restore body harmony and body health can help

salt-free diet

. Limiting the intake of salt promotes the excretion of excess water from the body, and use low-calorie food combined with sports overall weight loss. Salt-free diet for weight loss has been for decades considered to be highly effective in the fight against obesity, but it is used also in the treatment of many diseases, especially the excretory system.

the Standard life diet no salt – 15 days, followed by a break, after which it can be repeated again.

Menu salt-free diet

Try to split the daily ration for 4-5 receptions and eat in small portions. All products must be prepared with a minimal amount of fat. It is undesirable during the diet to eat: watermelons, bananas, grapes, pasta and cereals, pickles, sugar, sour or spicy dishes, smoked.

Products that can and need to eat: vegetables, fish or vegetable soups, dairy products, low-fat cottage cheese, butter (10 grams per day), tea and coffee, berries, rye or wheat bread (200 g per day).

Menu days:

With the 1st to 3rd days: chicken breast, steamed (500 g per day).
From the 4th to 6th days: lean fish (500 g).
From 7 th to 9 th days: porridge with water or milk (250 g).
From the 10th to 12th days: vegetables (1-2 kg).
From 13 th to 15 th days: fruit (except bananas and not more than 2 kg per day).

Rules of cooking with salt-free diet

not necessarily all the dishes to cook without adding salt. It won't hurt in small amounts in meat broth, but if you throw it 20 minutes before end of cooking. If you are preparing a fish broth, then add salt directly after it removed the scum. If you cook the vegetables, then salt them for 7 minutes or until tender. When you prikalivaet, keep the salt level was no more than a few grains, and if the dishes will seem completely fresh, improve the taste by adding onions, garlic, herbs.

Cons diet

This diet is one of the most hard, which is why it cannot be used on a regular basis and certainly need to make enough break before repeating. Not all of it can be, especially if you have stomach problems, such as: ulcer, gastritis, dyskinesia biliary tract. Therefore, it is necessary to consult a doctor with regards to the possibility of diet.

The pros of the diet

Salt-free diet is one of the most effective in the fight against obesity. With the right execution, you can achieve cleansing of the whole body. It is quite diverse, and therefore able to provide the necessary vitamins and minerals. This diet gives quick results, because if you have a goal to quickly lose a few pounds she will be irreplaceable. In the case where the time and feel sorry for yourself, you can apply malasaeva diet. It is not intended to limit the diet, but the gist of it in a small decrease in the amount added during food preparation salt. Malasaeva diet is considered to be soft, but the results will be much more modest.

Important! When using the diet no salt watch out for their well-being and negative symptoms consult doctor. If health allows, try to use all of the recommendations in this case, the results obtained will probably be your reward.