Diet for gout

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Gout refers to a number of the most common diseases associated with inflammatory processes in the joints. This disease is caused by metabolic disorders in which the body accumulates uric acid in the joints and joint capsule deposited salt. This, in turn, provokes inflammation with a chronic course with periodic acute phases.

Diet for gout

Treatment of this disease represents a complex therapeutic procedures aimed at the removal of inflammation and normalization of purine metabolism. The most important role in achieving success is the diet, in which the recovery processes of uric acid excretion and is the control of the intake of purines.

First of all, diet for gout on feet was designed to reduce the intake of those foods. the decay which produce uric acid. Such products include meat and fish broths, pork, kidney and liver of animals and poultry, as well as various semi-finished and cured meats. Also in the category of contraindicated products, included mushroom soup, cauliflower, beans, watercress and spinach. You need to ensure that meals in the diet had no fat. as the fat disrupts the process of excretion of uric acid through the kidneys. Should be excluded from the diet of sweets and cakes, to limit the consumption of cereals and other foods containing large amounts of carbohydrates, as their abundance in the diet contributes to the appearance of excess weight and, as a consequence, metabolic disorders.

To the products that are not recommended for use in the disease include pastries, dairy products and various spices, herbs and flavorings. In order to avoid overeating, do not eat salty, pickled and spicy meals that excite the appetite. In order to stimulate the process of salt metabolism, diet for gout is complemented by courses receiving medicinal mineral water, recommended for use in urolithiasis.

How to organize a diet for gout?

it is Worth saying that the diet for gout involves not only a restriction on the use of individual products, but also a General reduction in the amount of food. So, you should stick to the mode fractional power in which the food is consumed often but in small portions. This contributes to a more complete absorption of nutrients and reduces the likelihood of excessive load on the urinary system and kidneys. Most useful fasting days, held once or twice a week. In those days, it is recommended to limit the diet of fruits, vegetables, yogurt or cheese — products that contribute to greater solubility of uric acid.

it is Worth saying that the complete starvation, which often practice patients with gout, not only does not bring the desired result, but also further complicates the condition. The fact that in the absence of nutrients the body begins to process internal reserves, and this process is accompanied by more intensive elimination of uric acid. Thus, starvation exacerbates inflammatory processes.

unfortunately, one only the diet does not always help to completely cure the disease. In more severe cases, when the joint damage becomes plural, and the periods of aggravation become more frequent, doctors recommend the use of tools that reduce the concentration of urea in the blood. Receiving these drugs should have a systematic character, as they cancel before the onset of stable result provokes the recurrence of the disease. Only in cases, when after the abolition of therapeutic drugs exacerbation of gout does not occur at all, or has a transient nature, we can say that the diet for gout on the foot, combined with drug therapy has brought the desired results.

so, diet plays an important role in the treatment of gout. And if the right diet food and strictly adhere to it's limitations, can significantly speed up the recovery process of the joints.