Energy diet

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Features energy diet

The main principle of this diet is the consumption of sufficient amounts of needed nutrients, including protein. Interestingly, the special influence of this method of supply is to reduce the appetite providing the body with all necessary nutrients. It is this feature distinguishes the diet from the others. When a person consumes

cocktails energy diet

he will not feel hunger, as it usually happens with other diets.

There are three main programs of this course weight loss, which include the following:

— the initial level. The main objective of this program is to send a person to the weight loss. This process involves the psychological and physical aspects of the impact. This program will require up to 5 days. The date is calculated relative to the volume of excess weight. The regimen involves consumption of up to 5 times a day cocktail. It is possible to add vegetables and 2 litres of water. Calorie intake in the day will be to 1500 calories.

— fixing the result. The essence of this program is aimed at consolidating previously obtained results, in the first stage. The number of calories consumed increases slightly, and the weight is reduced. Smoothies for weight loss energy diet at this stage must be taken up to 2 times a day. Padded receive a balanced diet twice a day. Do not forget the sufficient consumption of water. It is necessary to completely abandon the consumption of sugar. The duration of this course will be up to 4 weeks.

control. At this stage, the person is completely reinforces learned principles of nutrition. This phase allows consumption of fruits and foods containing carbohydrates. Calculating the duration of this stage of weight loss, you need to follow the rule: for every kilogram of weight lost have a period of a month. It is necessary to take into account the lost weight in the first two stages.

you can find a large number of flavors of smoothies Energy: vanilla, strawberry, cappuccino, red fruits, coffee, chocolate, mushrooms, chicken, vegetables, omelettes.

the composition of the cocktail "energy diet" consists of the following ingredients:
— glycide;
— fiber
— lipids;
— proteins;
— 11 minerals;
— 12 vitamins;
— acerola;
— guarana;
— Royal jelly bee wax.


as contraindications to the use of the drug is the availability consists of the patient components of the drug. Before consumption it is recommended to consult the attending physician. In addition, there is a list of other contraindications to the use of cocktails:
— pregnancy;
— feeding the baby;
— the use of children is prohibited.