Diet geisha

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The story of the diet

lifestyle of the geisha is subject to a special schedule the day they are required to learn and hone your skills, and in the evening to entertain the guests. At the Banquet, a geisha should not eat anything – all of her attention dedicated to the guests. Because of great importance not only the creative talents of geisha, but her external beauty, was created a special method of keeping in shape. Diet geisha for weight loss is based on the rice – a natural sorbent actively absorbs the toxins and excess moisture. Another important component of the diet is green tea. This useful drink has fat burning and cleansing properties. It saturates the body with useful elements, invigorates, strengthens the immune system. And finally, the last element of the diet diet geisha milk. This product is a source of calcium, vitamins, easily digestible protein and dairy fat. All these elements of nutrition necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Diet does not provide large amounts of calories, therefore, creates the conditions for weight loss. It is worth considering that the diet completely eliminates sugar and salt, as well as any alcoholic beverages.

Duration and effectiveness of the diet

Diet for geisha designed for 3-5 days. The fact that it does not contain the whole range of vital nutrients. With long-term adherence to such a diet plan can cause serious health problems (in particular, they are able to worsen chronic diseases, up until the time dormant in the body). On this basis, the diet geisha for 3 days is considered a safer option. Judging by the practical application of diet weight loss when passing is quite noticeable. On average, 5 days out 4-6 kg of excess weight. As for the durability of the result, here things are not so rosy – about half of the weight of the past in the coming days after the completion of the active phase of weight loss returned. Initially lost 5-6 kg, you will end up with "clean plumb" to 1-3 kg. Due to this effect is – for the most part you will lose weight by removing excess moisture (figure actively absorbs and outputs). To the maximum to save the result, it is recommended to resort to fat-burning procedures – baths, to body wraps and massage. Support weight loss and sports. It is important to remember that the diet is suitable for people who have problems with health (doctor's consultation required).

Useful tips

Choosing a diet, which is based on rice, be prepared for the fact that there may be difficulty emptying the bowel (figure attaches). To avoid this unpleasant side effect can use one of the following means:

Instead of polished rice brown cook – in casings present the fiber necessary for proper bowel function
Before bed eat 1 tbsp of flax oil
Fill porridge chopped herbs (she and taste, and cleans the intestine)
Do morning cleansing enema

If the result of the diet you are not satisfied and you want to lose weight even stronger repeat it 2-3 times, maintaining an interval of 7-10 days. Note – repeat courses provide a more modest plumb (5 days 2-3 kg), but the end result is easier to maintain.

The preparatory phase

Before you start the diet, prepare your body. Throughout the week, eat only plant-dairy food – meat completely eliminate. Gradually reduce your intake of salt and sugar, discard the baking of white bread (go to grain bread). Reduce the portion size of 200 g. Eat at least 4-5 times a day. Drink plenty of pure water. Also gradually come out from the diet – now not only reduce the range of products and expand it. Meat start to eat not earlier than 7 days after the diet.

Diet menu

diet Menu is not very diverse. Before each meal try to drink 1 tbsp. of water – it will help you to control appetite. At Breakfast drink green tea with low-fat milk (milk, tea leaves mix in proportion 1:1). Dining meal includes 1 Cup warm milk of average fat content and the serving of unsalted rice. Dinner repeats the lunch menu. Liquid diet includes water without gas (the more you drink, the better). Additionally, I can afford another 2 tbsp. of green tea without milk.


the Diet of a geisha has mixed reviews – someone who admires her performance, and some people remain dissatisfied (lose weight slowly). All agree on the fact that health while undergoing diet leaves much to be desired.