Diet for blood group 2 negative

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Diet for blood group 2 negative – one of the ways "scientific" weight control, designed for a clearly defined group of people. How effective is this technique and what it is? Let's find out.

Brief description of the diet

the Second blood group (positive or negative) appeared at a time when the conditions for the existence of the "hunters" have changed. Apart from hunting people became engaged in farming brought about changes in the diet of our ancestors.

Meat has ceased to dominate the diet in food were to be used, the products of plant origin: grains, roots, vegetables, fruits. In this regard, it is believed that the "farmers" (the carriers of the second group of blood with negative and positive RH) should significantly limit the consumption of meat.

this category of people there is a reduced acidity of gastric juice – milk is poorly absorbed, the meat is digested for a long time. In order not to impoverish the diet, nutritionists recommend the "farmers" to substitute products based on fresh milk, fermented milk and soy products.

Contraindicated to cook by sautéing in fat. Representatives of the second group a negative blood delicate digestive system – so people do not abuse spicy seasonings, ketchup, mustard.

"farmers" is often a heartburn – it is not recommended to eat sour fruits and vegetables and drink made from the juice.

Recommendations on diet for blood group 2 negative

In the diet, "farmers" must attend olive and Flaxseed oil, but corn and peanut should not take it. The category of junk foods include wheat products.

"the Farmers", it is useful to eat fish (except flounder and herring). The ingestion of seafood and the fish should be avoided. A positive effect on the body have weak coffee, green tea, non-acidic juices. Fall under the ban of sodas.

a list of the main products of the diet:
• Turmeric
• Blueberries
• Prepared mustard
• Escareal
• Okra,
• Chanterelle
• pumpkin Seeds
• Ginger (fresh root)
• Carp, sardines
• Peas, artichoke, beans
• Vegetable oil
• Sweet fruits and juices from them
• Parsley, spinach

Limit shall be:
• Almonds and sunflower seeds
• Raisins
• Kiwi, quince, strawberry, peaches, pears, persimmons, apples
• Dill, Basil, rosemary, marjoram, nutmeg, mint
• Bran from rice and rice flour
• Melon
• lettuce, cabbage, radish
• Bread
• Eggs

diet "farmers" are encouraged to exclude such products as:
• Pepper
• Edam Cheese
• Meat partridge and the goose
• Mango
• Potatoes, cucumbers
• Apple cider vinegar
• Calf's liver
• Tomato, and sour berries and fruits
• Ketchup and fatty sauces (including mayonnaise)

Physical activity

"the Farmers" fit yoga and Pilates. Not superfluous will be a leisurely walk in the fresh air. Strength training carriers of the second group of blood special not profit.

Additional recommendations

• "Farmers" needs to cut the consumption of wheat – this product promotes weight gain.
• Media-negative blood group is useful to consume foods with high iodine content.
• As mentioned, "the farmers" better to sharply limit the use of meat – based diet should be vegetarian food.

Diet for blood group 2 negative for the most part focused on vegetarians. If you belong to this group, but don't want to part with meat dumplings and chops, try to at least limit the rate of their consumption.