Fasting day for watermelon

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How useful is a fasting day on a watermelon?

the world's largest berry pleasing balanced composition in folk medicine found a use for all parts (seeds, peel and pulp). In watermelon pulp are sugar, pectin and cellulose. Watermelon is rich in carotenoids (lycopene, vitenam, phytofluene, ?-, ?-, ?-carotene), and ascorbic, folic and nicotinic acids. The pulp contains potassium and iron, and essential amino acids.

Watermelon menu

it is useful for anemia and for diseases of the cardiovascular system. Watermelon is recommended to use in gout, liver disease and urinary tract.

these watermelon stimulates the intestines and promotes the excretion of harmful cholesterol. Doctors recommend watermelon unloading hypertension, gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice and blood circulation disorders. Needless to say, such a discharge also contributes to the active weight loss.

Watermelon fasting day

It can be done daily, but only in season natural ripening of this melon culture (otherwise, the watermelons can cause nitrate poisoning). The duration of discharge is 1-3 days.

Option number 1 (the fasting day of watermelon pulp)

the First option involves the use of one and a half kilograms of watermelon pulp. This portion is divided into 5-6 parts. Drinking during the diet is possible, but the range of drinks is limited to the carbonated water and unsweetened tea.

Option # 2 ("dry" day on watermelon pulp)

In fact, "dry" this way of unloading is difficult to call – the pulp of watermelon on 90% consists of water. In this case, during the day you need to eat only watermelon (for every 10 kg body mass — 1 kg of pulp). Liquid is banned.

Option # 3 (watermelon pulp and trubna bread)

This discharge is tolerated much better – the feeling of hunger is almost not there. Throughout the day you should eat 1.5-2 kg of watermelon pulp and 2-3 slices of bran bread. You can drink non-carbonated mineral or table water.

Option # 4 (the fasting day watermelon and melon)

This option is designed for lovers of gourds. Throughout the day supposed to eat watermelon (1 kg) and melon (500 g), combined (not combining in the same meal).


Watermelon fasting day has some contraindications. It is not necessary to carry out the following problems:
— decreased immunity (after an illness, poisoning);
— diabetes mellitus;
— cholelithiasis;
— severe kidney disease.

these watermelon takes about a pound of "live weight", but the cathartic effect that is having this procedure, is any "diet" casualties.