Diet "Favorite"

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it is Difficult to say what exactly caused the appearance of such names: diet Favorite can boast a balanced menu, so it is unlikely to bring your body a favor.

The Favorite diet for 12 days

This diet for weight loss divided into four phases, the first of which usually causes the greatest difficulties.

The first phase (1-3 days of your diet)

For three days to drink only non-carbonated water and yogurt (fat content doesn't matter). The number of yogurt constraints is not limited. Any other drinks are banned.

The second phase (4-6 days diet)

For three days allowed to eat only apples (baked or fresh). Liquid diet presented to the carbonated water and natural Apple juice (it should cook). The number of apples, water and juice limits are imposed.

The third phase (7-9 days diet)

All days of the diet are supposed to eat chicken meat in any form (without skin). Salt and spices are banned. You can drink non-carbonated water. Food portions size is not limited.

The fourth and final phase (10-12 days diet)

This period is devoted to a dry wine of good quality and hard cheese. Throughout the day you can drink a few glasses of dry red wine, applying to each of them for 30 g of hard cheese. To Supplement the diet needs still water.

Periodicity of such diet – 1 time a year. Daily free fluid – 2-2.5 L.

If the strength to withstand such a long diet is not enough, then it can be reduced to 7 days. In this case, the diet will be the following:
• Days 1 and 2: yogurt and sparkling water
• Day # 3: apples and sparkling water, and Apple juice
• Days 4, 5 and 6: chicken, boiled vegetables and still water
• Day # 7: dry red wine and hard cheese.

The Favorite diet for 7 days

the Diet this diet is absolutely not similar to the first embodiment.

• the Days 1, 3 and 6: excessive drinking (you can drink soups, juices and non-carbonated water and unsweetened teas)
• Day # 2: a vegetable diet (vegetables fresh or boiled and a salad of them)
• Day # 4: fruit meal (a special emphasis is done on the grapefruit, actively burning adipose tissue)
• Day # 5: protein (any allowed low-fat protein foods: meat, eggs, milk drinks, etc.)
• Day # 7: the diet

During the diet should adhere to the following menu:
• Breakfast: boiled eggs – 1-2 pieces, and a Cup of tea with 1 teaspoon of natural honey
• lunch and afternoon snack: any fruit
• Lunch: vegetable soup prepared with the addition of cereals and vegetables
• Dinner: light vegetable salad with lemon juice and a small amount of vegetable oil


Favorite Diet for weight loss is absolutely contraindicated in the presence of any chronic disease (especially if they affect the digestive system). It is undesirable to begin a diet in a weakened state (after infectious disease, poisoning). Even in the absence of health problems before going on such an unbalanced diet is to consult with your doctor.

The effectiveness of the diet and results

This diet is one advantage (but pretty doubtful): it provokes quick weight loss. 12 days takes about 8 kg of excess weight. Weekly option diet takes 4-7 kg. it is Worth remembering that no dietician not call this rate of weight loss is reasonable – along with the excess weight goes and health.

Favorite Diet belongs to the category rather controversial methods of losing weight, go to any of the suggested rations more often than once a year, is highly undesirable.