Diet Sergei Agapkina

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What is the Agapkina diet?

Sergey Agapkin offers to forget about the harmful products: about fast food, carbonated and alcoholic drinks, modified fats. The focus should be foods rich in dietary fiber. However, Agapkin not too welcomes the introduction of food additives (for example, bran, optimal daily norm which is 20-30 g) – if possible, preference should be given to fresh fruits and vegetables, and cereals (in the priority brown rice). The fact that bran relieve the body not only harmful, but useful items, which is highly undesirable.

Agapkin firmly believe in the benefits of dairy products – they cleanse our bodies, simultaneously enriching elements. Unfortunately, not all they fit – with high acidity of gastric juice the consumption of dairy products should be limited.

According to Agapkina, green tea is necessary to include in a liquid diet, only, and this natural remedy is also contraindicated. For example, people who have problems with joints, should not get involved in its use.

Agapkin strongly recommends to abandon large portions of food and irregular food to eat, in his opinion, it is necessary for the mode and amount of food on the plate should be relatively small (to go the limit and to cut the ration to the minimum, still not worth it). Most importantly, the range of products remains balanced – the body needs like carbohydrates, proteins and fats.

Sergei Agapkin warns his followers about the dangers of any fat-burning drugs – and if they provide a positive result, it is only due to the health of the person consuming them.

Agapkin offers are not limited only to the change of eating plan is a huge value in improving the physical form of playing the sport. Classes should be regular, and water sports should stay in the first place.

Individual diet Sergei Agapkina

Individual from Agapkina diet is a well-designed nutrition plan, adapted to the individual physiological characteristics of the patient. Such a diet can only be obtained after passing the test. Note is taken of age, gender, degree of obesity, food preferences, fitness level, etc.

By the way: creating this methodology had a hand in the domestic nutritionists, so it is not necessary to assign this issue the palm alone Agapkina.

Individual weight loss program – the real way of getting rid of large excess weight (just over a month to patients of Sergei Agapkina could lose up to 15 kg). However, we should not delude ourselves: this rate of loss of adipose tissue, according to many nutritionists, it may be unsafe. If you need such drastic weight loss — decide.