Oatmeal diet for weight loss

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Briefly about the benefits of oatmeal diet

Oats contain a special ingredient ?-glucan, which frees the body of toxins, improves peristalsis and normalize its flora. In an average week devoted to oat diet, it is possible to lose 3 kg. For the most part this rate of weight loss is caused by the removal from the body of harmful elements, but adipose tissue is also gradually disappearing. The most important thing is that the diet primes the body to function properly, which in itself reduces the risk of obesity.

adhere to the "oatmeal" diet is recommended when large and moderate excess weight. Diet useful to people suffering from seasonal allergies and frequent colds. It makes sense to use in diseases of the abdominal organs. Oatmeal brings relief in gastritis, peptic ulcer and inflammatory processes. It is recommended to regularly include in the diet in cardiovascular diseases.

Oatmeal low-fat yogurt

As the name implies, this diet is based on eating only cereal. For its preparation it is permissible to use rolled oats quick cooking, however, the greatest value have whole grain oats.

Porridge diet are boiled in water with no added sugar, salt and seasonings. In the finished dish if desired (if tolerated) add low fat milk. Drinking during the diet can non-carbonated water and unsweetened teas.

the Daily rate of porridge is not limited in size, but a lot eat it is still impossible. Not too tasty, but very healthy dish perfectly nourishes and completely discourages appetite. The liquid can be drunk not earlier than 30-40 minutes after servings of porridge. The optimal duration of such diet 3-5 days.

"Chess" oatmeal diet for weight loss

the basics of this diet are two choices of cereal: oat flakes and fruits whole grains. Daily value oatmeal – 600 g (single serving is 100g). Through the day you should cook oatmeal in milk diluted with water.

the First portion of porridge should be cooked whole grains, the next meal should be devoted to oatmeal, etc. (i.e. cereal will have to alternate). This version of the diet allows slightly to add some salt to already prepared dish.

Oatmeal is frequently supplemented by green vegetables: in this case, the diet includes cucumbers, cabbage, green leaf lettuce, fresh herbs, etc. (daily norm of vegetables – 300 g).

vegetables are allowed to prepare their salads with a dressing of lemon juice and unrefined vegetable oils. Cereal and salads can be alternated or combined in one meal. Also, diet menu fruits are sour-sweet varieties (350 g) and dried fruits (50 g).

Liquid diet contains filtered or melt water and unsweetened teas. You can also drink vegetable and fruit juices without sugar (daily dose – 500 ml). Through the day it is permissible to indulge yourself with 100 ml of dry red wine.

the Optimal duration of "chess" oatmeal diet 7-14 days.

Sample menu oatmeal diet

• Breakfast: porridge made from whole grain oats with the addition of buckwheat and unsweetened green tea
• Second Breakfast: oatmeal, lettuce and a glass of Apple juice
• Lunch: porridge made from whole grain oats with the addition of brown rice and a green Apple, salad greens and melt-water
• Afternoon tea: porridge from oatmeal, grapefruit and tomato juice
• Dinner: porridge of whole grain oats, cucumber, a handful of dried fruit and dry red wine
• Snack before going to bed: porridge from oatmeal, kiwi and unsweetened green tea with a slice of lemon


Oatmeal diet is contraindicated for problems such as:
• liver Cirrhosis
• Hepatitis
• Condition or after a viral infectious diseases
• Severe food poisoning

Oatmeal diet has a minimum of contraindications. It allows you to gradually get rid of excess weight completely without experiencing the pangs of hunger. Thanks to the numerous useful qualities of this meal plan is popular.