Diet for a flat stomach

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Helpful information

it is Worth remembering that none of the diets may not get rid of belly fat – the slimming process is distributed all over the body. "Directional" effects we can provide, only using special exercises. However, diet meal plan must take place – without changing the diet to achieve success is impossible.

Excluded products

What are the limitations dictated by the diet? To lose weight in the stomach have the maximum limit consumption of salt – this substance attracts moisture, promotes the development of edema. Following the enemy of our figure – sugar. Fast carbs contribute to fat accumulation. Given that they are quickly consumed and in the blood an increased concentration of insulin, the feeling of hunger, which can lead to failure of the diet. The same considerations need to limit the consumption of products made with white flour – it makes sense to replace useful varieties (rye, wholemeal). To improve the figure have to give up alcohol – any alcoholic drinks not only offer a fairly large supply of calories, but also increase the appetite. Well, the last ancient enemy of a flat stomach – refractory animal fats. The main sources of fatty acids should be vegetable oil, and dairy fats. You need to give up foods that increase appetite – from hot spices, smoked, etc.

The basis of the diet

a Diet that helps to make the stomach flat, is based on foods rich in crude fiber. Eat cereals made from whole grains, vegetables (preferably raw), fruits (unsweetened varieties), parsley. Drink milk drinks. They improve digestion, normalize the composition of intestinal microflora, cleans the intestines – this in itself will reduce the volume of the stomach. Eat low-fat cheese and cottage cheese – the less fat the better. In addition to dairy products protein sources should be lean meats, fish and seafood.

Diet menu

1. On Monday, arrange a discharge day – drink 1.5 liters of water without gas and a quantity of curdled milk or kefir (1-1.5 l). Preferably in the morning to do an enema to cleanse the bowel.

2. Starting Tuesday, the food start to drink the infusion of turmeric (1 tsp of root in 0.5 liters of boiling water, you need 10-15 minutes). For Breakfast cook porridge from whole grains on low fat milk, drink herbal tea. For lunch eat a serving of steamed vegetables, fish, asparagus, plums. As a snack, use the pieces of melon. Dinner: whole wheat bread, chicken meat (150 g), cucumber, half grapefruit.

3. In the morning prepare a fresh orange juice and eat toasted rye bread. For lunch, cook a tomato soup, prepare a salad and eat a few slices of watermelon. 2 hours before dinner, drink 1 tbsp. of kefir or yogurt. Dinner: steam fish, fresh vegetables, hibiscus

4. For Breakfast: buckwheat porridge with homemade tomato sauce, herbal tea. At lunch, eat a serving of oven baked vegetables with chicken meat. Add in the diet fruit. As a snack, use the grated carrots and orange juice. For dinner, eat fish and vegetables, drink a decoction of rose hips.

Then repeat the sequence menu days number 2, 3, 4. In 7 days you will lose 3-4 kg in weight and slightly reduce the volume of midsection.


Judging by the reviews, diet for flat stomach helps in complex with physical exercises aimed at the elaboration of the abdominal muscles. By itself, the diet is unlikely to help tighten up the problem area – even if the fat leaves the stomach will remain flabby unattractive.