Apple diet

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Briefly about the benefits of the Apple diet for weight loss

Apple diet has on the body a complex effect. Due to the presence of large amounts of fiber and pectin, it allows you to cleanse the bowel of harmful accumulation. A balanced composition of apples helps cleanse the blood of toxins. This product normalizes the digestive system and leads to the right metabolic processes (including fat).

Glucose and fructose present in apples, eliminate the feeling of hunger and feed the body. Diet on apples is an effective preventive of many diseases that affect the cardiovascular system (in particular, atherosclerosis and hypertension).

This popular fruit is filled with useful elements. It contains vitamins (A, B1, B2, B3, B6, B9, C, PP, H) and minerals (iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, iodine, fluorine, zinc, etc.). Caloric content of apples is very small – 100 g of product on average contains 46 kcal.

Special instructions

it is Worth remembering that even the most useful product, the individual can have contraindications, so before the Apple diet, you need to consult a doctor (despite the fact that strict contraindications to the consumption of apples does not exist).

If there are no problems with the digestive system apples should be consumed with the peel, it concentrated most of the useful elements.

in a number of diseases, it is recommended to enter into the diet is not raw, but baked apples or applesauce (in particular, colitis and kidney stones). In peptic ulcer disease and gastritis with high acidity from the sour apples should be abandoned (the sweet varieties are quite permissible). Low acidity makes a justified choice of sour apples.

Purchasing apples for diet, it makes no sense to choose a beautiful imported fruit in order to preserve the presentation they can give a certain impact. Thus, the diet will not benefit, but harm.

To Apple diet for weight loss not boring, it is permissible to alternate the different varieties of apples (each of the varieties has its own "flavor").

Apple diet for weight loss and cleansing the body

the following options, the Apple diet to purify the body from harmful accumulations and get rid of excess weight.

Option # 1: during the day allowed the apples of all varieties (no limit on the amount of servings) and still water (can use thawed, dining room, mineral). The optimal duration of the diet – 3 days. The average weight loss over this period – 2.

Option # 2 (quick weight loss) daily ration includes only 1.5 kg of apples (fresh, baked). Water and any other liquids are banned. The optimal duration of the diet: 1-2 days. Average weight loss per day – 0.8-1 kg.

Option # 3 (Apple diet for 3 days): diet includes 5-6 large apples and 1-1.5 liters of yogurt. The optimal duration of the diet: 2-3 days. Average weight loss during this period: 2-3 kg.

Option # 4 (Apple diet for a week): diet includes apples, rye croutons, unsweetened green tea and sparkling water. Apples should be consumed according to the following scheme:
• Days No. 1 and 6 – 1 kg
• the Days No. 2 and 5, 1.5 kg
• Days 3 and 4 – 2 kg

Last, the seventh day Apple diet on water discharge. Hard diet for a week takes 4-6 kg.

Therapeutic options, the Apple diet

hypertensive crises and enterocolitis of mild to moderate severity appoint quite strict Apple diet (it should stick no longer than 2 days). Patients are advised in 5-6 receptions and eat 1.5 kg of apples (before use they need to be grated).

When kidney disease is recommended the same diet, but with small addition – Apple mass can be slightly sweeten with sugar.

swelling, which are caused by cardiovascular disease, the benefits of such a diet: during the day people need to eat 8-10 medium-sized apples and 500 g not very fat cottage cheese. The duration of the Apple diet in this case is limited to five days.

When kidney stones recommended diet for Apple juice (in addition to juice each night you need to use a decoction of the laxative herbs). At night it is necessary to take a warm bath without using soap tools.

the Juice should be prepared immediately before use. The scheme of purification is as follows:
• 8.00 – 200 ml of juice
• 10.00-20.00 (every 2 hours) – 400 ml juice

On the third day of the regimen you need to make small changes:
• 8.00 – 400 ml of juice
• 8.30 – 100 ml olive oil 200 ml diluted with water Apple juice
• 10.00-20.00 (every 2 hours) 400 ml juice

Apple diet for weight loss can stick at any time of the year is another important advantage of this technique.