Diet №5

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The main recommendations of the diet 5

you Need to remember that diet alone cannot restore the diseased organs – it only eliminates the factors causing exacerbation, and stimulates regenerative processes. Diet 5 is prescribed concurrently with medicinal drugs and treatments. Of course, patients who know the exact diagnosis, we can and do go to proposed by Pevzner nutrition plan, but visiting the doctor is not exempt.

it is Extremely important to follow the recommendations diet five foods that are forbidden (alcohol, fats, smoked products), the active stimulate the production of bile, give strong stress on diseased organs and provoke the exacerbation of the disease.

In the period of the diet, the patient is recommended to eat 5 times a day, small portions. Products can be subjected to only gentle heat treatment (not fry them). It is believed that food provides the least burden on the digestive organs, if it is grind, puree – with worsening disease practiced just such supply of food.

Diet diet 5 (table No. 5)

Diet is based on eating the following foods, dishes and beverages:
• Vegetable, fruit, dairy and cereal soups
• Lean meats and poultry, boiled (pre-boiled product can be baked, but without the crust)
• Lean ham, tongue
• Fish (perch, cod, hake, bream, cod)
• Black caviar
• Dairy products (including mild cheese), as well as dishes from them (casseroles, lazy dumplings, soufflé) – not more than 200 g
• Porridge, made with water or milk diluted with water
• steam and Baked puddings
• Pasta
• Bread baking yesterday
• White crackers
• App cookies
• Dry biscuits
• a Well-baked buns (dough without oil) – not more often 2 times a week
• Boiled chicken eggs – 1 PC. per day (from eggs you can make scrambled eggs steam)
• Vegetables in fresh form or after heat treatment (very useful beets and carrots) and greens
• Sweet and sour-sweet fruits and berries in fresh form or after heat treatment
• Sweets (sugar, jam, marmalade, honey, candy and marshmallows) – not more than 70 g per day
• juices from sweet fruits or vegetables
• Weakly brewed tea and coffee (beverage add milk)
• a Decoction of rose hips
• butter or oil – it is recommended to add in ready meals
• Fruit, berry, dairy sauces
• Spice in limited quantity (cloves, cinnamon, Bay leaf, vanilla)

Under the ban are the following foods and beverages:
• Alcohol
• Fatty, fried, smoked, spicy dishes and products
• Bold variety of poultry, meat, fish
• Offal (liver, brains)
• Canned, fat
• Mushrooms and mushroom broth
• Legumes
• Spinach, onion, radish, sorrel, radish, garlic, turnips
• any Muffin and fresh pastries
• Ice cream, chocolate, cocoa
• Any kind of soft drink
• Vinegar

Diet 5 imposes a limitation on salt – better to add some salt ready meals. Limit salt intake is 10 g per day.

Sample menu of the diet 5

• Breakfast: salad with the addition of low fat sour cream, soaked herring (not more than 20 grams), a slice of white bread yesterday's baking, and tea with milk
• lunch: piece of boiled beef, a portion of buckwheat porridge, and organic vegetable juice
• Lunch: vegetable soup with sour cream, a piece of boiled fish, mashed potatoes, vegetables and stewed sweet fruit
• Dinner: casserole with low-fat cheese and weak tea with sugar
• Before sleep: jelly sweet fruit and dry biscuits


Diet 5, with strict observance of the recommendations, brings substantial relief and stimulates the process of regeneration. Going on a diet, don't forget to consult with your doctor – he will prescribe you proper treatment.