Chocolate diet

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According to scientists, many years studying the beneficial qualities of chocolate, just one tile in a week can rejuvenate the body and even extend the life of the tooth. This is due to the presence of this delicious product of natural antioxidants – catechins. Chocolate protects cells from free radicals, prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases and prevents the appearance of malignant tumors. It is not surprising that the light appeared "sweet" methods of weight loss – chocolate diet. There are two versions of this diet and will be discussed in our article.

Mono-diet on chocolate

This diet can stick for no longer than 7 days, however it is much better to use it as a fasting day. This mono-diet is very low calorie (600 kcal), which leads to rapid weight loss (up to 7 kg per week). The result of the rapid burning of fatty tissue may become noticeable sagging, which looks not aesthetically pleasing. In addition, the shortage of useful elements significantly weakens the body (to avoid this it is necessary to take vitamin-mineral complex).

Menu chocolate diet:

• Black coffee (preferably freshly ground, not instant)
• Skim milk (it is added to coffee)
• Sparkling mineral water
• dark chocolate – 90-100 g

a chocolate bar is divided into 3-4 portions and drink each of them a Cup of coffee (with milk, without sugar). Drink water not earlier than in 2-3 hours after chocolate mocha meal.

Italian chocolate diet

In this variant of the diet besides the chocolate there are other products, so it is quite safe for the body. Performance it is slightly inferior to the mono-diet (weight loss is about 3 kg for 7 days). However, the gradual decline of adipose tissue allows you to keep the body elastic (especially if you combine diet menus with a simple exercise). To repeat this diet, you can already after a week after its completion.


• Fresh vegetables and salads with their use (the latter you can fill with low-fat sauces).
• Dietary sauces (you can with a small amount of white meat poultry)
• Pasta of durum wheat
• Popcorn without added salt or oil (as a dressing you can use cheese in small amount as well as pepper, soy sauce, wine vinegar and dry garlic)
• Unsweetened fruit and berries
• dark chocolate – 30 g
• Water to 2 liters

eat Chocolate in between meals.


Chocolate diet for weight loss is contraindicated in diabetes, and if you are allergic to this product. From this method of weight loss you should give up gallstone disease and any diseases of the liver and pancreas. It is not necessary to resort to the "chocolate" menu, and those people who suffer from heart disease or have high blood pressure.

What kind of "sweet" ways to lose weight on chocolate to choose, decide for yourself, but do not forget the long-known truth: "slow and steady wins — will continue." We wish you good luck!