Cholesterol diet

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The main provisions of the cholesterol diet

the duration of the cholesterol diet varies from 15 to 30 days. Its main task is to reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood and the General health of the body. Would have excluded products with a high fat content, that is, fatty, dairy and meat products should be replaced with low-fat or completely free of grease. The priority shifted to chicken and beef, bread flour, olive and Flaxseed oil, vegetables, unsweetened fruit, cereals (except semolina).

to Exclude the period of the diet you will have:
• Margarine, lard, mutton and beef fats
• Semi-finished products, canned food, offal, pates and smoked
• Sweets
• Products with cream
• strong brewed beverages: cocoa, coffee and tea

Sample menu cholesterol diet

From the menu is to compose a diet, alternating between different variations of Breakfast, lunch and dinner. The amount of salt is limited to 3 g.

the Breakfast Options:
• Freshly made fruit juice ? tbsp., boiled vegetables and toast
• Cake made of flour with 1 tsp natural honey and skim milk
• 100 g of boiled white beans and toast
• Baked Apple and oatmeal, brewed with boiling water

Options for lunch:
• a Plate of vegetable soup, a couple of toasts of bran bread, vegetable salad, 50 g of cottage cheese
• 250 g of boiled potatoes, vegetable salad, boiled beans – 125 g, and a large pear
• 75 g boiled chicken fillet, a couple of toasts of bran bread, vegetable salad and Mandarin
• Serving of spaghetti, an egg, soft-boiled and tomato sauce
• a Couple of toasted bran bread, 50 g of tuna, salad and plum
• Cup low-fat yogurt, 50 g boiled chicken fillet, vegetable salad and porridge from brown rice
• a Portion of chicken stew, vegetable salad, a slice of melon and some grapes (small)

dining Options:
• Serving of boiled white beans – 125 g oat flakes, boiled water and a baked Apple
• Boiled potatoes – 1 PC., portion of fish fillet and vegetable salad
• White fish baked in foil with a small amount of lemon juice and boiled potatoes – 2 PCs. and tomatoes
• Boiled chicken – 75 g boiled potatoes – 1 PC., vegetable salad and a slice of melon
• Cup of diet yogurt, vegetable soup, toast and salad
• Boiled brown rice, Turkey steak, grilled vegetable salad and pear (Apple)

the Options of desserts:
• Dry red wine – glass of
• low-Calorie crackers
• Fruit mousse

Cholesterol diet is for the body only the good, however, in case of doubt it pays to know expert opinion on this matter.