Kefir-Apple diet

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How useful is kefir-Apple diet for weight loss?

Use of this technique is based on the valuable dietary properties of the core products. Yogurt is a healthy milk drink made from cow's milk fermented by the ferment caused by special kefir "fungi" (lactic coli, streptococci, yeasts and acetic acid bacteria). Calorie low-fat yogurt is not more than 28 kcal per 100 g of product. This fermented dairy drink improves digestive function, helps to normalize metabolism and stabilize blood sugar levels.

Apples reduce the amount of harmful cholesterol in the blood and improve intestinal motility, as are composed of pectin and dietary fiber. The skin of apples contains quercetin and a large amount of vitamin C – this priceless complex frees the body from free radicals. Like yogurt, apples help maintain constant the amount of glucose in the blood.

Menu kefir-Apple diet

This diet is designed only for 9 days. It includes 3 cycle by 3 days.

• Cycles # 1 and # 3: for 3 days each cycles every day you should drink 1.5 liters of yogurt with low fat content
• Cycle n ° 2: for 3 days daily is supposed to use 1.5 kg of green apples

During the diet, you can lose 6-9 pounds.

Special instructions

while diet may be a great weakness. If health is poor, but diet stop no wish, the menu of the first half of the day should include protein foods – low-fat cheese, boiled lean meat varieties, egg white. If improvement has not occurred – immediately give up the diet and go to normal power mode.

Contraindications to the kefir-Apple diet

This diet should not be used during pregnancy and lactation. She has a serious age restrictions – no children, no elderly people should not use kefir-Apple menu (without a doctor). Also do not forget that this technique should not be applied with a weakened immune system and exacerbation of any chronic disease.

Judging by the reviews, kefir-Apple diet for weight loss very effective, but to abuse it is still not worth it.