Cucumber diet

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What is the use of cucumber diet?

In a diverse world diets for weight loss this vegetable crop is popular. Cucumbers are rich in fiber, which stimulates the cleansing of the bowel of harmful accumulation. They provide a pronounced diuretic effect, which allows to excrete excess moisture. Regular consumption of this vegetable culture improves metabolism, helps to normalize the water-salt balance, cleanses the skin and nourishes the body with vitamins and minerals. Another important point is the fact that cucumbers do not cause allergies.

Cucumber diet for 3 days

This meal plan is designed for 3 days, the average weight loss is 2-3 kg. During cucumber diet under the ban are:
• Salt
• Sugar
• Alcohol
• Fats

every day should eat 2 kg of cucumbers. One can prepare salad by adding herbs, lemon juice and spices. Recommended to drink pure water and unsweetened herbal teas. Eat cucumbers have small portions, distributed them for 5-6 meals.

Cucumber diet for 5 days

This diet lasts for 5 days. The diet, in addition to cucumbers includes protein foods. This approach allows you to avoid losing muscle mass – it's no secret that its our body tends to use as energy supply, leaving the fat for a "rainy day".

• First, third and fifth days cucumber diet: cucumber salad with low-fat yoghurt (yogurt) and herbs (in diet can include rye crackers)
• Second and fourth days cucumber diet: 2 kg of cucumbers, and 2 hard-boiled eggs and 200 grams of low fat cream cheese

Cucumber diet for a week

Cucumber diet designed for a week, allows you to make up your menu. It should be low-calorie. Daily necessary to eat not less than 1.5-2.5 kg of cucumbers.

Sample menu cucumber diet for 7 days

• Breakfast: a couple of fresh cucumbers and toasted black bread
• Lunch: soup (without potatoes) and a large Apple
• Dinner: salad from fresh cucumbers with lots of greenery.

• Breakfast: a couple of fresh cucumbers and a piece of corn bread and a thin slice of low-fat cheese
• Lunch: salad made from cucumbers, radish and greens and also 50 g of boiled meat lean varieties
• Dinner: salad of cucumbers, tomatoes and greens with vegetable oil

• Breakfast: a couple of fresh cucumbers and grain bread
• Lunch: porridge of brown rice (100 g), cucumber and steamed fish (100 grams)
• Dinner: salad of cucumber, cabbage and greens dressed with oil and lemon juice

• Breakfast: toast, rye bread and cucumber
• Lunch: steamed vegetables (potatoes use sparingly), fresh cucumber and a thin slice of low-fat cheese
• Dinner: salad of zucchini, cucumber and herbs with lemon juice and vegetable oil

• Breakfast: grain bread, as well as a couple of fresh cucumbers
• lunch: a salad from cabbage, carrots, radish and cucumber with herbs and vegetable oil, and a large orange
• Dinner: a thin slice of low-fat cheese, toast and cucumber salad with herbs

• Breakfast: boiled egg, grain bread and cucumber
• Lunch: soup of vegetables, and cucumber salad with greens, a piece of boiled beef (80-100 g) and pear
• Dinner: cucumber salad with greens

• Breakfast: toast, rye bread and cucumber
• lunch: a serving of hash and big Apple
• Dinner: salad of zucchini and cucumber, greens, lemon juice and vegetable oil

Snacks for all days: fresh cucumbers (with a strong feeling of hunger before bedtime can drink 200-250 ml of one percent of kefir)

For seven days you should drink non-carbonated water, green or black tea and herbal teas (sugar is banned). Weight loss during the diet reaches 3-6.

Kefir cucumber diet for weight loss

Yogurt-cucumber diet, according to the rumours by the prima Donna of our platform. For 3, a maximum of 5 days need to eat only one cocktail made from yogurt, greens and fresh cucumbers (1.5 liters one percent of the yogurt – a bunch of greens and 1-2 cucumber). The greens and cucumber, you finely chop and mix with yogurt. Each serving of the cocktail is recommended to prepare just before use. Weight loss is 1-1.5 kg per day.


From the cucumber diet for weight loss should give up when you have the following problems:
• Infections
• Cystitis
• Serious diseases of the cardiovascular system
• kidney Stones

Cucumber diet for weight loss no different a balanced diet, so nutritionists recommend to additionally take vitamin-mineral complex. Before you opt for a "cucumber" nutrition plan, make sure that no individual contraindications.