Diet for blood group negative 1

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Brief characteristics

the First group (type "0" to "hunter") was formed at the dawn of civilization. 33.5% of people are its carriers. The people of the first group (regardless of RH factor) — confident leaders. They have a strong digestive system, high immunity, active metabolism.

However, not without drawbacks: "hunters" are poorly adapted to the changing dietary and environmental conditions. Often people of this type suffer from allergies, a strong immune system "is" against your own body (this should be considered when choosing a diet).

There are other nuances that affect the compilation

menus for blood group negative 1:

"hunters" may have problems with blood clotting, they are characterized by inflammatory processes, may experience increased acidity of gastric juice.

Diet "hunters", as a rule, does not require a strict limitation of caloric intake – active metabolism prevents the deposition of fat. However, there are exceptions.

Advice on nutrition

In limited quantities diet "hunters" may include such products as:
• Oatmeal
• Products on the basis of wheat
• rabbit Meat, duck, chicken
• Cheese feta and mozzarella and goat's cheese
• butter
• Seafood (squid, scallops, shrimp)
• Lean ham

the basis of the diet of native o-negative blood group should be:
• Meat (except pork)
• Fish (trout, mackerel)
• Walnuts
• Plums
• Garlic
• Artichoke
• Fruit juices (except Apple and orange)
• Green and herbal tea, coffee
• Algae

"Hunters" are advised to significantly limit the consumption of such products as:
• Strawberries, citrus fruits (except grapefruits), melon, avocado, papaya
• Cabbage fresh eggplant, potatoes, olives
• Ice cream and cakes
• Black tea
• Raisins
• Mayonnaise and ketchup
• Beans
• hot pepper, nutmeg, cinnamon
• Herbal infusions of Echinacea, Hypericum, the Seine
• Too acidic drinks

Additional recommendations diet for blood group negative 1

"Hunters" are encouraged to eat meat 3-4 times a week. It can marinate with the addition of lemon juice and spices, and then bake. Valid and any other methods of cooking.

Dairy products to enter into the diet is possible, but only in limited quantities – they are poorly absorbed by the body "hunters".

the Carriers of the first negative blood group can be attributed to problems with the thyroid gland – in this case, the diet is enriched fish oil or fatty fish.

"Hunters" not forbidden during the day, snacking on dried fruits. Vitamin complexes you need to choose very carefully – this group of people should avoid excess of vitamins A and E.

"Hunters" useful foods rich in iodine, potassium, calcium, and manganese, and vitamins K and b group (recommended to enter into the diet liver and eggs).

"Hunters" it is better to avoid products made from nutritional yeast. If disturbed intestinal bacterial balance, it is possible to include in the diet dairy products (kefir, yoghurt, cottage cheese).

Physical activity

"Hunters" are encouraged to maintain an active lifestyle. They are useful to run in the mornings, swim, do water aerobics.

Diet for blood group a negative 1 gives only General recommendations. To listen to them or not – you decide.