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Briefly about the benefits of diet

What attracts us diet? The secret lies in the use of ingredients used for sushi. Rice contains complex carbohydrates, provide long-term supply of energy. This cereal is a desiccant – it cleanses the body of harmful accumulation – of toxins. Figure includes potassium – a substance that promotes the removal of excess moisture and neutralizing the action of salt. The b vitamins present in rice, strengthen nervous system, improve the condition of nails, skin and hair. Rice goes well with any food because it has a neutral taste.

seafood contain easily digestible protein and omega-3 fatty acids. Such foods reduces the risk of heart attacks, increases stamina, strengthens the immune system, positive effect on the brain. In addition many seafood are considered aphrodisiacs — they have a positive effect on potency and libido. Nori seaweed contains a high concentration of iodine, calcium, iron and other minerals. This product has a positive effect on the circulatory system and bone health. Iodine is necessary for proper thyroid function and to maintain an active brain activity. Seaweed is rich in vitamins a, D, b group, allowing a positive effect on the skin, mucous membranes, teeth, bones and hair.

Wasabi – a spicy pungent seasoning, having disinfectant properties and destroying harmful microorganisms. Avocados contain healthy monounsaturated fats that help to lower cholesterol levels in the blood. Since this product is composed of substances-antioxidants, it is consumed to prevent cancer and to prevent premature aging. Cucumber is a useful low-calorie vegetable helps cleanse the intestine and excretion of excess interstitial fluid. It contains magnesium, iron, phosphorus, potassium, zinc, and vitamins C, E and group B.

Scheme of weight loss

Each piece of sushi contains about 60-90 calories. The diet allows you to eat a wide variety of sushi, distributing them by number in descending order.

• Breakfast and lunch: 8 rolls of sushi for 2 meal
• Lunch and snack: 6 rolls of sushi for 2 meal
• Dinner: not more than 4 rolls of sushi

in Addition to sushi, you can enter in the diet of salads, sashimi, miso-soups. Liquid diet presented water without gas, green tea.

Nutritionists warn that rolls alone can not provide all needs of the body. It is not necessary to stick to a diet of sushi for too long is a reasonable limit – 1-2 days. If you are planning to lose weight and longer in the diet include vegetables, fruits, dairy products. It is important to remember that sushi is quite heavy food. In the morning (on an empty stomach) is a specific dish to eat is not recommended.


Sushi diet helps to lose weight without suffering from hunger. Unfortunately, it is not suitable for everybody, and Japanese cuisine like not for everyone.