German diet

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The main provisions of the diet

This diet is for 2 weeks. The proposed German nutritionists meal plan takes as little as 10 pounds overweight.

diet Menu is relatively diverse: it includes some fairly high-calorie foods, therefore, to sustain a diet is not so difficult (the main tune for the result).

and now about the German punctuality: the daily menu includes all 3 meals, and must eat strictly according to the mode (at the same time).

to Change the products and the sequence of their use impossible. Snacks are completely excluded: to kill the feeling of hunger will help regular drinking or mineral water without gas (the rate of consumption not specified).

Menu German diet

• Breakfast: Cup of tea or coffee (can be used as organic coffee and decaffeinated drink), as well as subtle toast
• Lunch: boiled eggs – 2 PCs., spinach, dressed with a small amount of unrefined vegetable oil — 80 g and a large tomato
• Dinner: steam chicken from chicken or veal, as well as tomato salad with green onions and vegetable oil

• Breakfast: Cup of tea or coffee, and subtle biscuit
• Dinner: salad of tomatoes and cabbage, dressed with unrefined vegetable oil and fruit (choice of orange, a couple of tangerines, some plums, Apple)
• Dinner: boiled eggs – 2 PCs., 200 grams of boiled meat, leaf salad

• Breakfast: Cup of tea or coffee
• Lunch: egg, hard-boiled, 200 grams of salad from boiled carrot with unrefined vegetable oil and 100 g of low-fat cheese
• Dinner: fruit salad no dressing – 250 g

• Breakfast: 200 ml Apple juice
• Lunch: 250 g fish fillet, boiled, tomatoes and a small Apple
• Dinner: steam chicken from chicken fillet, 150 g of lettuce with a dressing of lemon juice and vegetable oil

• Breakfast: 200 ml of carrot juice
• Lunch: 200 g of grilled chicken and lettuce
• Dinner: boiled eggs – 2 PCs and carrot salad unrefined vegetable oil

• Breakfast: tea and subtle toast
• Lunch: 200 g of grilled meat, and 150 grams of white cabbage salad (oil is not used, can be refilled only with lemon juice)
• Dinner: 100 grams of salad from boiled carrot (with vegetable oil) and 150 g low-fat cheese

• Breakfast: tea and subtle toast
• Lunch: 200 g of grilled or boiled chicken
• Dinner: 300 g of fruit salad (no dressing)

Menu of the second week completely identical.

The pros and cons of the German diet for weight loss

One of the most attractive features of this diet is rapid weight loss in just a couple of weeks can be notably correct shape. Presence in the menu protein foods (eggs, cheese, meat) protects muscle tissue from breakdown.

the Downside of the diet is the need for lengthy cutting diet, as well as the inability to save the result (the weight after the diet fairly quickly returns to its previous level).

the three-time diet can also be considered a disadvantage of the diet. As you know, nutritionists recommend eating fractional (4-6 times daily) – this allows to keep blood sugar at a constant level (and therefore, helps to avoid feelings of hunger). A big break between meals, on the contrary, provokes increased appetite.


This diet is extremely limited diet – it is impossible to adhere in the presence of chronic and acute diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and other internal organs.

it is believed that at the time of the German diet itself paid tribute to Marlene Dietrich. Will you follow the example of the famous actress, depends only on you.