Barley diet

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Briefly about the benefits of barley

pearl Barley is produced from whole grains of barley.


contains iron, magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, manganese, copper and other useful elements. It is rich in vitamins (especially stands out E, PP and group B).

part of

pearl barley

the amino acid lysine, promotes rapid and complete saturation. By the way, barley is making a considerable contribution to the rejuvenation of our body, because accelerates the production of collagen.

Natural proteins contained in the rump, allow to cope with Allergy associated with any external or with dietary factors. Fiber, which is rich in barley, contributes to effective cleansing of the body and allows to organize the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to cook barley porridge?

it is Worth remembering that pearl barley is cooked long enough, so you have it pre-soaked for 10-12 hours (200 g of barley, you need to pour a liter of clean water). Swollen rump pour water (need 2-3 tbsp.) and cook on low heat for about half an hour (if the groats to soak, the cooking time will increase significantly). After that the porridge remove from heat, and wrap her to "come". If you accidentally forgot to soak the groats overnight, rinse it and pour boiling water (to cook porridge, it will be possible in a couple of hours). Please note – after cooking the barley increases in volume about 5 times.

Menu pearl barley diet

Option # 1

the Menu of this diet is not very diverse – all 5 days that it lasts, is to eat only barley porridge, cooked in water without added oil and salt. To drink throughout the day, mineral water, unsweetened green tea and herbal teas.

Option # 2

In this variant barley diet diet is not so monotonous, so its duration can be increased to 7 days.

• Breakfast: vegetable barley porridge with soaked in water, prunes, or grated green Apple
• Lunch: vegetable barley porridge and vegetable salad with a piece of meat or fish (100 g)
• Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese (100 g) and yogurt (250 ml)

you can Drink unsweetened green tea and mineral water.

Option # 3 (free)

it is Worth noting that many people come up with their own versions of barley diets for weight loss – they cook the porridge, adding some spices (curry, pepper, etc.) or injected in your diet vegetables and sour-sweet fruits. Each of these options has the right to life. So adjust the diet and lose weight with pleasure!


Just one day barley diet carries 1 kg of excess weight. You should know that the first couple of days the weight will go through the withdrawal of excess moisture and toxins. Only then the body begins to get rid of fat reserves.

Barley diet for weight loss will only benefit and will definitely help you to get rid of excess weight. Well, we wish you the best of luck!