The cabbage soup diet

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the Cabbage soup diet was designed by specialists in the late twentieth century to restore organism in the postoperative period. As it turned out, such a diet is useful for those who want to lose weight, because of the small amount of calories and certain substances contained in this product.

Variants of the diet very much, I will cite only a few:

The cabbage soup diet for a week (diet cabbage soup)

This cabbage diet for weight loss lasts for 7 days, repeat in a break about every 2 months. Possible side effects — the decrease of concentration, prolonged headaches, weakness, fatigue, apathy.

the Primary ingredient diet is a

cabbage soup:

600 g belokachannoy cabbage; 1/2 Cup brown rice; 6 arrows green onions; 5 stalks celery; 6 medium carrots; 2 sweet peppers; 2 tomatoes; 6 onions; salt.

My vegetables, shinkuem cabbage, cut into julienne a carrot. Cut into rings, peeled onion, sliced — pepper, and small pieces the celery. We scald with boiling water tomatoes, remove the skin and grind them. Put all the vegetables in a large wide saucepan and cover with water, bring to a boil and cook on low heat without lid for 10 minutes. After tightly close the lid and cook until the vegetables are soft. In another pot, add washed brown rice, fill with water and boil 20 minutes. Give the rice 30 minutes to infuse with the lid closed. And for a few minutes before remove from heat vegetables, add cooked rice, chopped onion. Sprinkle with salt and begin to the diet.

Foods that are present in this soup, almost completely satisfy the need for vitamins and minerals. Brown rice — a natural adsorbent which easily removes waste, toxins and other evil spirits from the body.

During the cabbage diet you can eat unlimited amount of cabbage soup. More than I still will not eat — I after this diet, I have not been able to look at cabbage: ate :).

Menu cabbage diet

the 1st day. Cabbage soup, any fruit except bananas.
2nd day. Cabbage soup and vegetables.
3rd day. Cabbage soup, any fruit or vegetables.
4 th day. Cabbage soup, bananas and skimmed milk.
5th day. Cabbage soup, 450 grams of any lean meat or fish. tomatoes.
the 6th day. Cabbage soup, vegetables and any lean meat.
7th get. Cabbage soup, vegetables, fruit juice.

Ten-day cabbage diet for weight loss

Menu for 1 day, then repeated:

Breakfast. Black coffee. Lunch. cabbage with a spoonful of unrefined vegetable oil, 1 egg. Each day you can add 1 egg. Dinner. 200 g of lean meat or fish. Can one glass of 1% on kefir.

Kale can be eaten a lot, and anytime between meals. Salt is impossible, its a lot of cabbage. Drink up to 2 litres of water a day (can be mineral water without gas).

Cabbage soup diet 3 days

following a diet for weight loss is designed for 3 days. In the intervals between meals are allowed to eat Kale. Per day should drink at least 1.5 liters of water or green tea. To diversify your diet a variety of fruits, except bananas.

Sample menu this is

Breakfast. 1 Cup coffee with sugar substitute. Lunch. salad from fresh cabbage (you can use Beijing, Savoy cabbage, red, Brussels sprouts, etc.), or any cabbage soup, or cabbage, stewed with other vegetables and lean chicken meat. Dinner. 200 g fish (it can be replaced by 200 g of meat or 200 g of yogurt), salad with fresh (or steamed) cabbage.

If during this diet you experience hunger, you can eat cabbage soup.

Fast cabbage soup diet

This diet is designed for 3-5 days. It is recommended to take food 5-6 times a day at the same time. The amount of salt should be reduced to 5 grams per day. You need to drink up to 2 litres of water a day, taking into account contained in used products.

The menu looks like this:

1st Breakfast. Salad from fresh cabbage with vegetable oil; eggs from 2 eggs; milk tea.
2nd Breakfast. Cheese; 200 ml of tea or broth hips.
Lunch. Soup with sour cabbage (available (to impute stewed cabbage with mushrooms); salad of any vegetables with vegetable oil; boiled chicken.
the Afternoon tea. 200 g of milk or broth hips.
Dinner. 100 g of boiled fish, stew of cabbage and other vegetables, 200 ml of tea.
For the night. 200 g of kefir.

The cabbage soup diet for a month

Limit the use of products containing easily digestible carbohydrates (especially sugar), salt, mayonnaise, black pepper, mustard and other spices. Eliminate alcoholic beverages.

Menu is:

1 day. 1st Breakfast: 150 grams of salad of pickled cabbage, fresh carrot, canned green pea with the addition of RAS gtkimage oil; 100 g boiled low-fat fish; coffee without sugar. 2nd Breakfast: 100 g low-fat cottage cheese; 150 g low-fat boiled meat; 1-2 apples. Dinner: soup, cooked with vegetable broth; 150 g of cabbage, stewed with carrots; stewed apples. Dinner: tuber 2 boiled potato; 100 g boiled fish, 200 ml of tea without sugar.

day 2. 1st Breakfast: 200 grams of salad from fresh cabbage, canned green peas and onions with vegetable oil; 100 ml of coffee. 2nd Breakfast: 200 g yogurt. Lunch: 100 g stewed in sour cream meat with a side dish of boiled carrots; 200 ml of compote from apples. Dinner: tuber 2 boiled potato; 100 g boiled low-fat fish; an orange (or grapefruit).

3 day. 1st Breakfast: a piece of fried in vegetable oil white bread; egg, soft-boiled; 100 ml of coffee or tea. 2nd Breakfast: 100 g buckwheat cereal; fruit. Lunch: 150 g boiled chicken; 1-2 apples; orange. Dinner: salad from cabbage, seasoned with vegetable oil; 200 ml of compote from apples.

4 day. 1st Breakfast: 150 grams of yogurt; cracker. 2nd Breakfast: salad of carrots (or cucumbers) with vegetable oil. Lunch: 150 g salad of pickled cabbage, canned green peas and onions with vegetable oil. Dinner: soup from vegetables on weak meat broth; 100 grams of salad from fresh carrots, dressed with a small amount of mayonnaise.

5 day. 1st Breakfast: 70 g of cottage cheese; 150 ml of coffee with no added sugar. 2nd Breakfast: 2 apples; 2 oranges (if desired, you can replace it with grapefruit). Lunch: 150 grams of salad from fresh cabbage, seasoned with lemon juice; dietary sausage; a glass of orange juice. Dinner: 150 g of lean fish (steamed or grilled); 100 g of red currant berries; 100 g of berries of a gooseberry; 100 ml of mineral water.

day 6. 1st Breakfast: 100 g sauerkraut with 100 g of boiled lean meat. 2nd Breakfast: 100 g low-fat cottage cheese. Lunch: soup of vegetables cooked in mild cold (mushroom) broth, with a slice of black bread. Dinner: 100 grams of salad from boiled beet with prunes; 70 g lean pork meat; tea without adding sugar.

day 7. 1st Breakfast: 100 g buckwheat cereal with the addition of 1 tbsp. honey. 2nd Breakfast: 150 grams of fruit salad. Lunch: 150 g salad of pickled cabbage, canned green peas and onions with vegetable oil; 100 g boiled low-fat fish. Dinner: tuber 2 boiled potato; 100 g boiled not greasy meat; 200 ml of compote from apples.

Then again start menu from day one.