Rice diet

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Briefly about the benefits of rice

the Use of rice is undeniable – this ancient grain contains proteins and carbohydrates (the latter is digested very slowly). Rice provides the human body micro and macro elements (this can include potassium, magnesium, iron, calcium, etc.). In addition it contains a number of important vitamins (they mostly belong to the group).

Rice diet for 3 days

Daily menu
• Rice – 1 Cup (boiled it, pouring the first water, and the finished porridge don't add no salt, no oil)
• Natural Apple or orange juice (without sugar) – 500-600 ml
• Mineral water – 1.5-2 l
• Apples sour varieties – up to 3 pieces a day (they eat with a strong sense of hunger)

This diet you can stick to 3 days (not more). Weight loss is 0.5-1kg per day.

Rice diet for 7 days (a week)

the Maximum duration of this diet – 7 days. Weight loss is typically 0.4-0.8 kg per day.

Menu rice diet for every day:
• Breakfast: rice (100 g) and fat-free yogurt or kefir (200 ml) with honey (1 tsp)
• Lunch: rice (100 g), boiled lean meat or fish (100-150 g)
• Dinner: rice (50 g) and vegetables (they can be pripustit with a small amount of vegetable oil)

The second option menu:

the first Day
• Breakfast: rice (60 g) with lemon juice and a little zest, as well as Apple and green tea without sugar
• Lunch: rice (60 g) with fruit vinegar and olive oil (1 tsp) and vegetable salad (150 g) and vegetable broth
• Dinner: steam rice with zucchini and carrots (150 g), vegetable broth

Day two
• Breakfast: rice (60 g) with a small amount of orange peel and sour cream, and orange (1 piece)
• Lunch and dinner (same menu): rice (100 g) and vegetable soup

Day three
• Breakfast: rice (60 g) cinnamon, and green tea and an Apple
• Dinner: rice with braised mushrooms (150 g), salad of cucumbers with olive oil and vegetable broth
• Dinner: steam rice with broccoli (150 g) and vegetable broth

Day four
• Breakfast: rice (60 g) with milk and fruit salad with the addition of rice cereal
• Dinner: steam rice with carrots (150 g), and lettuce, radish and vegetable broth
• Dinner: rice (60 g) with parsley and a pinch of sunflower seeds, and vegetable broth

Day five
• Breakfast: rice (60 g) raisins and grated almonds (the latter is not more than 1 tsp)
• Dinner: steam rice with vegetables and plenty of greens (serving size: 150-200 g) and vegetable broth
• Dinner: rice (60 g) with a dressing of chopped walnuts (1 tbsp), green onion (2 tbsp) grated root of a celery, and spinach and vegetable broth

Day six
• Breakfast: salad of rice (60 g), dates (2 PCs.), walnuts (2 pieces), pears and figs (for 1 piece)
• Lunch: rice (60 g) with any raw vegetables mint and olive oil (1 tbsp) and vegetable broth
• Dinner: rice (60 g) with chopped apples (1-2 PCs.), sour cream and honey (1 tsp) and vegetable broth

the seventh Day
• Breakfast: rice (60 g) with chopped fruit, seasoned with yogurt (100 ml), honey and lemon juice
• Dinner: steam rice with green beans and tomatoes (150 g) and vegetable broth
• Dinner: steam rice with zucchini and olives (150 g), with the addition of unrefined olive oil (1 tbsp) and vegetable broth

Rice diet to cleanse the body

the Figure allows for a long time not to feel hunger, due to the property of the cereal to fill the body. Rice reduces the daily intake of fat and sugar, saving vital energy. This useful herb can rid the body of toxins, all the harmful substances and salt. Therefore, rice diet to cleanse the body is very useful and necessary.

This diet is suitable for people of any age, there are no restrictions on its use. Rice coats the stomach and is a helpful product for people suffering from various diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Also, the rice needed for the liver, kidney, it improves heart and other organs.

Options cleansing diet rice:

1. This diet lasts for 3 days. Every day should eat 1 Cup of rice, pre-cook it without salt and spices. The resulting dish should be divided into equal portions and eat them throughout the day, drinking natural juice Apple or orange. More than three days to keep such a diet impossible. Repeat the procedure through the month.

2. Less rigid diet. Duration — 7 days. One day diet need to boil a pound of rice without salt to the dish you can add lean meat, stewed and fresh fruits, vegetables, boiled fish. During the day it is impossible for rice to add more than 200 grams of other products. You can drink natural juices, mineral water, green tea, but without sugar. Two weeks later the procedure can be repeated.

when Buying rice for diet in the store, look for raw cereals, as they contain large amounts of vitamins necessary for the body.


Rice diet for weight loss allows you to get rid of a few extra pounds