Low carbohydrate diet

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We have long been accustomed to the idea that food rich in carbohydrates – the main enemy of the figure. Meanwhile, it is not so. This element provides us the supply of energy – carbohydrates are stored in liver and muscles as glycogen. For successful weight loss is only need to maintain the level of carbohydrate at a specific level.

Easy low carbohydrate diet

The low carbohydrate diet, in fact, is a power system designed for the long term. Will have to give up simple carbohydrates, which include sugar confectionery and bakery products. The basis of the diet should be cereals, sprouted grains and seeds and legumes (peas, lentils, beans). During the diet, do not forget about fruits (apples, citrus fruits, pineapple) and vegetables (tomatoes, spinach, carrots, asparagus, etc.). We recommend that you drink any unsweetened beverages.

Strict carbohydrate diet for weight loss

This option is carbohydrate diet easy in execution because it does not require preparation of complex dishes. At the first stage it is recommended to conduct a one-day training, which consists in full refusal of food – unloading can be done with pure water or yogurt.

During the diet is to adhere to a certain diet – you need to eat equal portions 6 times a day, and dinner should be finished before 19.00 (after that kind of turn you can only drink unsweetened liquids).

Each of the meals should begin with an intake of 50 ml of infusion prepared with chamomile, calendula and St. John's wort (for daily serving of the infusion will need 1 tbsp of the listed herbs and 300 ml of boiling water).

start the Morning with a Cup of natural black coffee (without sugar and milk). Throughout the week, need to eat on the menu below, then take a break for a week and again a week-long carbohydrate unloading. This approach allows you to lose up to 9 kg of excess weight (in the first week out of about 5 kg, and a second 2-4 kg). During the "break" you can eat in a familiar, but of sweets, fatty foods and alcohol have to be avoided.

Weekly diet carbohydrate diet:

• Monday: 500 ml low-fat fermented milk drink 400 g baked potatoes (salt and butter cannot be used)
• Tuesday: 500 ml low-fat fermented milk drink 400 g fat-free cottage cheese
• Medium: 500 ml of low-fat fermented milk drink 400 g of sour-sweet fruit
• Thursday: 500 ml low-fat fermented milk drink 400 g boiled chicken (without salt)
• Friday: 500 ml of low-fat fermented milk drink 400 g of sour-sweet fruit
• Saturday: 1.5 l melt, mineral or table water without gas
• Sunday: 500 ml low-fat fermented milk drink 400 g of sour-sweet fruit

Carbohydrate diet for weight loss in any of its variants provides good results for practical application of the method will convince you.