Fasting diet

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Buckwheat, a very valuable product due to the balanced composition perfectly nourishes and permanently eliminates the feeling of hunger. By entering in the weekly meal plan fasting diet, you will never regret the decision.

Briefly about the benefits of fasting diet

Clicking on the buckwheat, you will provide your body with valuable vitamins (A, B1, B2, B6, B9, E, PP) and minerals (most valuable are the following: iron, calcium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, manganese and zinc). Buckwheat is composed of mono - and disaccharides, amino acids, and dietary fibers that stimulate the process of self-purification. Unloading the buckwheat gives rest to the digestive tract and rejuvenates the body.

Rules for the discharge of the diet

Unloading on this useful product you can devote 1-3 days. Every day is to eat unsalted buckwheat, prepared from 250 g of cereal (its brewed in a thermos and leave overnight). Butter, sugar, any spices and sauces are forbidden. Supplement buckwheat diet is low-fat yogurt (1 liter). Products I alternate or use together, dividing the whole volume of meals for 5-6 servings. During the day you can drink mineral water or herbal tea. The daily rate of the liquid is 2-2.5 L.

The performance

the relief on the buckwheat allows you to lose 0.5-1 kg. As the buckwheat – rich product, a fasting day is quite acceptable to combine with sports. However it should be remembered that the combination of buckwheat with yogurt can have a mild laxative effect, so the "weak stomach," far from home it is better to stay.

Buckwheat has almost no contraindications (except individual intolerance). It does not cause allergic reactions and brings undeniable benefits to the body. If you value your health, do not ignore this useful option unloading.