Diet "1000 calories a day"

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Diet 1000 calories a day is quite a controversial method of losing weight. Many nutritionists believe that long-term fasting only contributes to the appearance of excess weight. This paradox is explained very simply – hungry days cause the body at the first opportunity to make up the loss, but at the same time and to acquire reserves for a "rainy day". So, do not forget about the rules of the diet – caloric intake should be increased gradually, indulging in fatty foods, sweets and confectionery.

Diet menu for 1000 Callas

Option # 1

Breakfast: a slice or a couple of slices of diet bread. To replace them a fourth of unleavened bread. Addition to the bread is low fat cottage cheese (2 tablespoons) or half a glass of diet yogurt (kefir).

the Second Breakfast: a choice of fruit (Apple, pear, orange, peach, plum or apricot).

Lunch:100 grams Turkey (chicken) or 150 grams of sea fish. Replacing the meat can serve as a vegetarian schnitzel. Lunch includes beans (vegetable) soup and 3 tablespoons garnish (this can be steamed vegetables or cereal on water).

Snack: any fruit, 8 pieces of almonds (2 walnut) or an ear of corn.

Dinner – half a Cup of oatmeal (oatmeal) oatmeal and 1 egg (alternatively, 2 slices lean sausage or 3 sardines in oil). Also this meal includes salad of cucumber, tomato, salad leaves and herbs.

at night you can eat 1 tablespoon of low-fat cottage cheese and a slice of diet bread.

During this diet you need to drink a lot (at least 10-12 glasses of fluid). As drinking can use green tea, chamomile tea or clean water without gas.

Option # 2

Breakfast – soft-boiled egg, a slice of bread, butter (10 grams), half a grapefruit and a glass of skim milk.

lunch – vegetable broth or tea (coffee) without sugar.

Lunch: boiled lean meat (80 grams) and vegetables (200 grams), fruit (100 grams) and green salad. You can drink unsweetened tea (preferably green) or coffee.

Afternoon tea: piece of bread with butter (oil is not more than 5 grams), cheese or cottage cheese (30 grams) and skim milk.

Dinner: vegetables (200 grams), fruit (100 grams), green salad, boiled meat (80 grams) and a half Cup of skim milk (you can add it to coffee or tea).

As you can see, the 1000 calorie diet very hard, to withstand her need to have excellent health and strong will (the result can occur immediately, therefore, at first it is difficult to convince myself of its effectiveness). We wish you good luck!