Salt-free diet Elena Malysheva

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Purpose salt-free diet

This diet is aimed at total cleansing and healing of the body, and as a nice bonus it provides a normalization weight. Proposed Malysheva program has been tested, so its effectiveness is not in doubt.

Principles of food without salt

in Addition to the rejection of salt, Malysheva promotes other principles – without their compliance, the diet will not bring desired result.

• Starvation is not welcome – Malyshev claims that a complete rejection of junk food. The body in this case into the regime of saving – it saves resources and begins to use fat stores and muscle tissue. During the transition to a normal diet the weight will recover quickly.
• contributes to Successful weight loss smaller meals – it makes sense to eat 5 times a day. Because of this you will be able to avoid hunger and to improve metabolism in the body.
• Optimum calorific value needs to be determined – will help with this special formula that takes into account growth, occupation, gender, age. In General, an adult person need about 1,200 kcal per day.
• Psychological aspect is also important: Malysheva offers his followers to mentally communicate with his body, "explaining" the feasibility of compliance with the restrictions and use of a product. If you give food with respect to their own body, the extra pounds will not be delayed – all resources received will be used for good.
• Snacks on the go is completely contraindicated – is to eat slowly, chewing food thoroughly and sensing range of flavor products.
• During the meal you need to avoid negative thoughts and emotions – they do not affect the process of digestion.

Menu salt-free diet Elena Malysheva

Below is a sample diet menu.

• Breakfast (8.00): salt-free oatmeal water and low-fat natural yogurt (you can substitute yogurt low fat)
• Lunch (12.00): a protein food (choice of: eggs, fish, poultry, lean meats)
• Dinner (19.00): low-fat yogurt, egg (can be deleted) and a vegetable salad
• Snacks: any fruit except bananas (in priority apples or mandarins)

How to end a diet?

the Correct output from salt-free diet will allow you to maintain the achieved result. So, after the diet recommended to significantly cut consumption.

• Animal and vegetable fats
• pastry and confectionery
• Polished rice
• Carrots
• Potatoes
• Alcoholic beverages

the above products in any case can not be combined with fatty foods.

Additional recommendations

As you know, salt is a product that is consumed only in minimum quantities. Salt contributes to fluid retention suffer and joints.

Thus, salt-free diet it is permissible to make the principle of food – food you can season with soy sauce, herbs. Best food to cook without salt – add the minimum amount recommended in the ready-made meals.

the observance of the principles of food combining will also only benefit the body – however, they were not invented Malysheva.

Salt-free diet Helen malyshevoy found recognition in our country. Despite this do not use it without consulting a doctor – the examination can be identified the individual contraindications. Also read numerous reviews on this diet.