Diet Anita Tsoy

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If the tendency to corpulence is the hallmark of your body – don't despair! Many examples prove that hard work will bring long-awaited result. A striking example of this assertion is Anita Choi – of its original weight (96 kg) for 14 years has decreased by almost half. So, especially for you – diet Anita Tsoy and important recommendations based on personal experience of the singer.

Recommendations Anita Tsoy

Anita focuses on the fact that without an active physical activity is a good form it's difficult to achieve. This will help and the rules of a separate food – fish and meat products can be eaten only with vegetables, but not breads, pasta, cereals and potatoes.

If you still have to resort to

methods emergency weight loss

then a couple of weeks of the diet should choose a multivitamin complex and ready to use.

to lose Weight better on a falling moon – it provides maximum performance.

Unloading is not carried out frequently – the minimum difference between the normal "hungry" days is a week, and between special diets — and even more (all depends on the recommended diet).

Effective techniques of losing weight from Anita Tsoy

Here we present techniques of losing weight, which the singer repeatedly used for getting rid of extra pounds.

1. Express diet total for the day ensures removal of 2-3 kg of excess weight. For its implementation will need 1-2 kg of cucumbers, a couple of liters of water without gas (as an option, unsweetened green tea) and a glass of nonfat yogurt (you can drink before bed).

2. Fasting days allow you to leave with 1 kg of fatty tissue effortlessly. Anita prefers to spend them on low-fat yogurt (the day you can drink 2 liter), and low-fat cottage cheese or pineapples.

3. Protein diet is the basic principles we have uncovered diet Victoria Boni. It takes a grapefruit, egg whites and water (unsweetened green tea). This technique helps to lose weight in problem areas – the thighs, buttocks and flanks. According to nutritionists, grapefruits can always be replaced by cucumbers or tomatoes – in this case disappears the risk of allergic reactions.

the Fight against overweight is not only exhausting fight with them, but the joy of getting the expected result. Well, well-chosen methods of getting rid of excess weight and intensive physical activity, can also significantly improve your health – Anita Tsoy proved it to us. We wish you good luck!