Diet "Three fists"

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Want to lose weight, but the thought of the upcoming counting calories, and at the same time serious limitations in food cancels this natural desire? We suggest you take the advice of the doctor-the therapist and the nutritionist Oleg Turn. His diet is Three fists is sure to help you reach your goal (this power system is truly universal — it will allow how to get rid of extra pounds, and score missing).

Method of weight loss Oleg Terna

As any competent expert, Oleg Tern claims — in order to lose weight you must:
• Drink enough clean water
• Limit consumption of sweets
• adhere to the basic rules of good nutrition
• sports
• relaxation
• Avoid harmful products
• Optimistic view on life.

Basic nutrition recommendations

• Diet "3 knuckle" prescribes a five-time meal
• One serving means a quantity of food, not exceeding the size of your fist (as the name suggests, these servings should be three)
• there Is a balanced use vegetables, salads, fruits, berries, complex carbs, and proteins
• limited quantities allowed the use of nuts, seeds, potatoes, dried fruits and vegetable oil
• In one of the days of the week you can afford a high-calorie dish (cake, ice cream, etc.)
• Meat can be consumed only a couple times a week (it should simmer, boil or bake)
• the Primary source of protein in this diet are dairy products, eggs, seafood and fish
• cottage Cheese can be eaten with honey and fruit
• Salads should fill a natural low-fat yogurt, olive or other vegetable oil and vinegar.

Composition of products and menus

banned in the diet are:
• Fried meat (including burgers and fish in batter)
• Bold sauces.
• Salt (and foods with high content)
• Sugar
• Carbonated beverages
• Juice
• Alcoholic beverages

the Products that make up the basis of the diet:
• Egg
• Seafood (particularly squid)
• chicken
• low-fat fish
• Cheese, cottage cheese
• the Liver birds
• Cabbage, carrots, peas, beets, cucumbers
• Onions, celery
• Cereals and whole-wheat bread
• Apples, pears, oranges
• Tea without sugar water

The benefits of the diet

Diet diet 3 fist very diverse, so the body gets all the necessary for a full life
• Fats and complex carbohydrates are filled with energy and provide important trace elements
• Protein food provides the building material for muscle-building
• Fractional power activates metabolism, normalizes appetite and reduces fat accumulation.

Wish you success in achieving the goal!