Diet "Sybarite"

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If the diet in all its diversity managed to disappoint you, be sure to pay attention to in our proposed methods. Diet sybarite is a perfect way of getting rid of excess weight. It doesn't make you starve and deprive the body of useful nutrients.

The essence of the diet sybarite

the Method of getting rid of excess weight, developed by Elena Stoyanova, divides the process of weight loss in 2 stages. The first of them encourages the active weight loss, and the second helps to fix the result. Main course to effectively lose body fat, is a cocktail of "sybarite", forthcoming, given the stage of the diet. Thanks to its composition of ingredients, the cocktail perfectly nourishes, but it not only overloads the body with unnecessary calories, but also requires a significant expenditure of energy on its assimilation.

Cocktail "sybarite" — the stage of active weight loss

To prepare the cocktail in this step you need the following ingredients:
• low-fat cottage cheese (no more than 0.6% fat while the protein content is 10 g per 100 g of product) 0.5 kg
• Fruit (any, but preferably to give preference to sweet and sour varieties) – 0.4 kg (about 80 g per 100 g of cheese)

Cocktail "sybarite" — a stage of consolidation of the result of diet

• Cheese is low fat – 0.3 kg
• Fruit (any) – 0.25 kg

Special instructions

a Single serving of cocktail in any of the stages – 180 was unfortunately not always possible to find a suitable cottage cheese fat content, however, you should not get upset – more fatty foods can simply be mixed with low-fat yogurt (1:1).

Fruit which can be eaten along with the skin on, brush is not necessary. Cocktail they knead or RUB, then mix with cottage cheese. Add to cocktail anything else is impossible.

the Prepared mixture can be stored in the refrigerator during the day, but no longer. Eat a cocktail need a little spoon and very slowly – this allows you to get enough of (many dieters say that to eat the entire portion at times fails appetite just disappears and eating is not desirable).

Menu of the active phase of weight loss

• Breakfast: serving of smoothie with unsweetened coffee (tea)
• lunch: salad of fresh vegetables with a dressing of lemon juice and a small amount of unrefined vegetable oil, plus a choice of: beans, peas, any cereal (except monkey)
• Lunch (20 minutes before it is to eat a serving of cocktail): salad of fresh vegetables with a dressing of lemon juice and a small amount of unrefined vegetable oils, as well as to choose from: liver, fish, eggs
• Dinner (till 18.00): piece cocktail
• overnight (optional): cocoa sugar

Menu the consolidation phase of the diet result sybarite

• Breakfast: shake (2 servings)
• lunch: usual menu
• Before lunch (20 minutes): piece cocktail
• Dinner: the usual menu
• Dinner: shake (2 servings) and unsweetened tea (cocoa)

The performance and duration of the diet

the Duration of the diet is usually determined individually – the more weight you need to lose, the more attention will be paid to the first stage. Weight loss during this period is in the range of 0.8-1.25 kg per day. To stimulate the process of losing weight, it is recommended 2-3 times a week to find time to exercise. Not forbidden also once a week go to one cocktail party.

Diet sybarite is very popular and this is understandable – nutrition shake does not leave a hint of the feeling of hunger and allows you to lose weight without harm to their organism. If the ingredients of the cocktail you do not cause rejection, with the responsibility to recommend you this gentle method of weight loss.