Diet "fat burning soup"

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The main provisions of the diet

only a week of this diet you can lose 4-8 kg weight loss. However, for best results, should adhere strictly to its recommendations.

Please note, having lost 7 kg and more, you should definitely take a break (minimum 2 days), otherwise the weight loss will stop. In addition, if the diet is interrupted somewhere in the middle, to continue it where it left off is impossible – is to start it from the beginning.

Cooked in a special recipe fat burning soup can be eaten at the first sign of hunger and up to complete saturation (of course this stretches the stomach it is not necessary).

Pay attention to a couple important tips:
• Include in diet diet beef should be thoroughly cleaned from grease
• If you plan to go to a party, where they will be consumed alcoholic beverages, then diet is completed for the day prior to the scheduled event (after this you need to start diet from the beginning)

Fat burning soup

the Components of this dish are the following products:
• Cubes of vegetable broth (2 PCs)
• Onions (6 pieces)
• Fresh or canned tomatoes (a few pieces)
• Green bell pepper (2 PCs)
• a Head of cabbage (medium size)
• Celery (1 bunch)

cut All the vegetables, pour water, add spices and salt. The soup is boiled on high heat for about 10 minutes, then make it quieter and bring the dish until ready.


the First day
• Any fruit (except bananas) and soup
• Water, cranberry juice, tea (coffee) without sugar and milk

the Second day
• Any vegetables (fresh or in canned form, however, you should avoid legumes), and soup
• Baked potato with vegetable oil – it is strictly lunch
• Water

the Third day
• Vegetables (excluding potatoes), fruit and soup
• Water

the Fourth day
• Vegetables (except potatoes), any fruit (bananas – no more than 3 PCs.) and soup
• Water
• Skim milk

the Fifth day
• Tomatoes (fresh as you like, canned – a few pieces)
• Boiled beef (300-800 g)
• Soup
• Water

the Sixth day
• Boiled beef or steak (300-800 g)
• Green leafy vegetables
• Soup
• Water

the Seventh day
• Vegetables
• Brown rice (it can be combined with vegetables)
• Fruit juice no added sugar
• Soup
• Water

Prohibited products

• Carbonated and alcoholic beverages
• Bread
• Fat and fried dishes (with the exception of 1 time a week, allowed the use of vegetable oil along with a baked potato)

the fat burning soup will save you not only from hunger but also from the extra pounds – you will agree that this is a very convenient and quite delicious way to achieve the goal.