Fasting day on apples

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Helpful information

One of the benefits of apples is their low caloric content (100 g provides about 47 kcal). Fruits contain a rich set of useful elements. They contain dietary fiber that improves bowel activity and organic acid metabolism. During Apple's discharge, the body gets salt minerals (in particular iron salts, calcium and iodine). Apples provide us with vitamins b-group. Fasting day on apples takes 1-2 days per week, average weight loss during this period – 1-1.5 kg. Unloading cleanses the body of toxins. It helps to remove excess cholesterol, relieve swelling, normalize digestion, cleanse the skin from rashes. Apples provide a mild cholagogue effect. During the fasting day apples can be consumed separately from any other products, together with some of them.


Fasting day based on the apples used most often. All that is required for it – 1.5-2 kg of apples (preferably to green varieties) and 1.5 l of water (you can increase the rate of fluid, the water is permissible to substitute unsweetened tea). If you wish to diversify the diet, you can grill some fruits. The diet should be divided into 5-6 servings of equal volume. Such a discharge is acceptable to adhere to even while carrying the child (if the doctor does not impose a ban). Fasting day on apples during pregnancy helps to normalize digestion, to cope with the toxicity, to relieve swelling.

Apples, cheese

Fasting day on apples and cheese to survive easier than the hard version, described above. The fact that the cheese is satiating (Apple, by contrast, can increase appetite). The fat content of cheese should not exceed 5%. The optimal daily dose – 500 g (divide it into 4-5 portions). Apples can be eaten together with cheese, or separately from (daily rate — 1-1.5 kg). Average weight loss during unloading – 0.5-1 kg.

Apples, yogurt

This discharge also allows you to dilute the diet of fermented milk product. In this case, it's kefir (1 liter/day). The norm of apples remains the same – 1-1.5 kg. in Addition to the yogurt is recommended to drink 1 l of fluid (this can be either water or unsweetened tea). You need to eat fractionally. Apple and yogurt to prepare the shake. Part of the apples perfectly acceptable to bake.

Apples, honey

This offloading will delight the sweet tooth. In addition to the standard number of apples (1-1.5 kg) are allowed to eat more and 3 tbsp of natural honey. The rate of fluid – 1.5-2 liters (you can drink teas and water). Honey is permissible to add liquid, but you can eat them separately.

The juice of apples

For this discharge would require natural Apple juice with no added sugar (better to cook it yourself). Drink need every 2 hours (1 tbsp.). If you want to not only lose weight but also to clean the body, then in the afternoon start taking after drinking juice 1 tsp. vegetable oil. Can't hurt to heat the region of the liver warmer.

Apples, celery

to lose Weight and cleanse the body will help such vitamin drink: with juicer make juice of 6 large apples, 2 celery stalks, 1 lemon. Drink drink, diluting it with carbonated water (1:1).

Apple compote

This variant of unloading is based on Apple broth. Some apples wash and chop, removing the core and without removing the skin. Fill the apples with water (1.5 l) and boil for 5 minutes. Infusion drink during the day. You can eat and cooked Apple slices.


Apples are not many contraindications. Apple unloading should not be used in peptic ulcer disease, hyperacidity of the gastric juice and diabetes.


Fasting day on apples is always the most positive reviews – regular use helps to gradually lose weight and cleanse the body.