Diet in urticaria

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Urticaria and angioedema in some way similar, but they are not a single disease. The main symptom of urticaria are itchy small eruptions on the skin resembling a burn nettle leaves. The emergence of such reactions may contribute to a variety of factors, including an Allergy to a certain product. Angioedema (another name of the disease — giant urticaria) affects subcutaneous tissue and deep layers of the skin. A symptom of this problem is the swelling of hands, feet, face, neck, external genitalia. The main danger of this condition is that swelling can block the airway. Approximately 50% of cases coexists with urticaria angioedema. Both problems can occur in both acute and in the chronic form.

causes of itchy rash and (or) edema varied: insect stings, intolerance to certain medications and foods, the acute reaction to pollen, house dust, hair and feathers of Pets. In some cases, the condition will occur due to lesions of the parasites, UV exposure and even due to changes in the ambient temperature. Many patients suffering from urticaria and angioedema, revealed pathology of the digestive system. What should be the diet for urticaria and angioedema? To improve the patient's condition, doctors prescribe a special hypoallergenic diet. The main method of combating the disease is the exclusion of a provoking factor.

The acute phase

In the acute phase diet for hives in adults is based on the rejection of solid food – the patient is prescribed fasting in the hospital. For the 1st...3 days only allowed to drink unsweetened fluid (1.5 l per day). Simultaneously with the diet prescribed enemas and hygiene procedures. Before fasting usually give a saline laxative. As a rule, such a change in diet quickly relieves the severity of symptoms. If necessary, the doctor may extend the fasting up to 5 days. After the improvement of the patient he was beginning to give the most safe hypoallergenic products (one product per day, watching the reaction of the organism). First, give 100 g of product in the morning, in the absence of a negative reaction portion and frequency of food intake increase. After 2 days add 1 more product, etc.

The chronic form of the disease

Diet for hives in adults eliminates known allergens: chocolate, citrus fruits, whole milk, strong brewed beverages (coffee and tea), eggs, honey, mushrooms, brightly colored fruits and any nuts. You can not eat smoked products, pickles, preserves, marinades, alcohol. Contraindicated foods rich in all kinds of additives. It is recommended to keep a food diary. Diet in urticaria in children has a similar recommendation. If the child is breastfed, then the diet will have to meet mother.


Diet for hives should be observed for a long period of time – judging by the reviews, this approach allows to avoid complications, helps to get rid of unpleasant symptoms.