90 day diet of a separate food

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it's No secret that to lose a lot of weight it is possible only having established the metabolic processes in the body. This is designed to help and diet a separate food of 90 days, which will be discussed in this article. The best part of this method of weight loss – achieved results in most cases remains for a long time.

The essence of the diet

Diet 90 days of separate power offers to lose weight in cycles, each of which consists of 4 days:
• the First day (protein) – you can eat any protein foods, and vegetables
• the Second day (starchy) are allowed to consume bread and any products containing starch (cereals, starchy vegetables, etc.)
• the Third day (carbohydrate) – you can eat wholegrain bread, pasta and cakes (recommended during the day to eat some dark chocolate, and for dinner, it is very important to consume something sweet like a cupcake)
• the Fourth day (fruit) – allowed fruits (or juices from them), but also dried fruits, nuts and seeds (the latter in limited quantities)

General guidelines for all 90 days:
• Breakfast should include only fruit
• For dinner is to start after 12.00 PM (not before)
• After 20.00 you need to refuse any food
• For dinner you may want to reduce the usual amount of servings twice
• Salt to use, you can, but only in a minimum amount (usually podsalivaya the finished dish)
• For cooking you can use only vegetable oil
• the best foods to prepare on pair or to bake in the oven
• Great attention should be paid to the quality and freshness of the products
• fruit of the day is to eat every 2-3 hours
• protein and day difference between lunch and dinner should be 4 hours and other days 3 hours
• For 90 days, you must drink plenty of fluids (2 liters or more) – other than water you can drink juices and tea
• On every 29th day of the diet should be unloading on the water (always after a day of fruit)
• there is a Need to control caloric intake
• During a diet is recommended regular physical activity (should do 2 - 3 times per week)

Sample menu diet of a separate food:

Protein per day.
Breakfast: apples, pears or other fruits (2 pieces)
Lunch: boiled lean meat (alternatively, cheese, eggs or cheese), and low-fat broth, a slice of grain bread and salad
Dinner: half a portion of lunch (without the broth)
throughout the day you can drink water, tea and a bit of nonfat milk.

Starchy day.
Breakfast: apples, pears or other fruits (2 pieces)
Lunch: vegetable broth, a slice of grain bread and also anything from the following list (soy, beans, potatoes, lentils, peas and rice, boiled or stewed)
Dinner: half a portion of lunch (no bread)

Carbohydrate day.
Breakfast: apples, pears or other fruits (2 pieces)
Lunch: pasta or pizza with tomato sauce, and any of cereals (buckwheat, barley, etc.)
Dinner: a few slices of dark chocolate and anything sweet (cake, cookies, etc.)

Fruit a day.
throughout the day fruit in any combination. To prepare from them juice, mashed potatoes, salads and desserts. Allowed the use of dried fruits and nuts and seeds (unsalted and not roasted). If you wish, you can eat vegetables. From drinks more suited compotes.

Out of the diet

After the 90-day diet is to keep it a rule to have Breakfast on only one fruit. The rest of the meals should be balanced, but remember to combine protein foods with carbohydrates is strictly prohibited.


an Important indicator that all is done correctly, may be a gradual weight loss after completing the slimming program (takes about 3 kg for 3 months of separation power). However, do not hurry to rejoice – to the weight remained at the reached level, you will still have to watch your diet, otherwise all the work carried out will be in vain.