Diet for flatulence

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Flatulence – a condition in which there is excessive accumulation of intestinal gas. Main symptoms: bloating, excessive flatulence, belching, hiccups, bloating of the abdomen, heaviness in stomach, cramping pain in the stomach, subsiding immediately after passing flatus, diarrhea or constipation (often they alternate with each other). Most often, flatulence is associated with consumption of food that triggers the fermentation process and contributing to the increased formation of digestive gases (another reason: the swallowing of air during eating). In some cases, bloating is accompanied by other pathological conditions: diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, acute intestinal infections, dysbacteriosis, the helminthiasis (infection by parasites), intestinal obstruction, intestinal atony, inflammatory processes.

Proper diet for flatulence

Diet, prescribed for flatulence aims to reduce the fermentation processes in the intestine. In the diet should not include incompatible products. Excludes:
• Legumes
• Different types of cabbage (cabbage, kohlrabi, broccoli, cauliflower)
• Onions raw
• Rutabaga, turnip
• Whole milk (raw)
• Carbonated beverages
• Drinks produced from the process of fermentation (the brew, etc.)
• pastries (especially freshly baked)
• Any food rich food supplements
• Smoked
• Small
• pearl Barley
• Ice cream
• hard-Boiled eggs
• Rye bread
• Fatty meats
• Salty or oily fish
• Nuts
• Raisins, grapes
• Sweets

Every person suffering from flatulence, you need to make an individual list of foods that cause bloating. For example, some have to abandon the use of bananas and pears. Someone have a negative impact apples and watermelons. Someone does not suit plums. All very individually.

What can you eat with flatulence? Diet is quite varied, both in composition and methods of cooking. The priority are:
• Lean meat and fish
• Eggs, boiled soft-boiled or scrambled eggs
• Unleavened cakes
• Cereals
• Pomegranates, apricots, prunes
• Greens
• Dairy products
• Pumpkin, beets, carrots and other vegetables provoking fermentation
• Dried wheat bread
• Juices (not packaged)
• Coffee and tea
• all Kinds of soups
• Pate

Recommended minimum use of salt and sugar. To make the food for optimal taste, you can use natural condiments, herbs, spices (dried garlic, etc.). To relieve discomfort can folk remedies. For example, you can drink potato juice or dill water.


Diet for flatulence must be prepared individually in this issue converge many people suffering from excessive formation of intestinal gas (General recommendations are clearly insufficient). The body of each of us reacts differently to the same products.