Diet Dr. Mitchell

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The main recommendations of the diet by Dr. Mitchell

the Duration of this diet – 7 days. If you exceed the recommended time, the rate of weight loss goes "no" (the body will simply go into saving mode). After a short break to the diet you can return again. If you are planning a party with alcohol, then diet will have a day or two to throw, and then start it from the beginning (of course, if you wish to continue the process of losing weight).

In the period of the diet under the ban are:
• Fried foods
• Bread
• Carbonated and alcoholic beverages
• Sweets

Medications during the diet you can eat, although undesirable.

The main dish

the Main dish diet by Dr. Mitchell is a soup prepared from the following ingredients:
• Carrots and green beans – 500 g
• Fresh tomatoes – 800 g
• Celery – 200 g
• cabbage – a small head
• onions – 5-6 pieces.
• bell pepper (green) – 2-3 PC.
• Beef broth with the skimmed fat – 0.8 l
• Tomato juice – 1.3 l

Prepared vegetables (washed, peeled, sliced) are placed in a pan, pour a mixture of juice and broth, on high heat bring to a boil and cook, without reducing the heating temperature, 10 minutes. Then lower temperature to low and bring the vegetables until fully cooked. The soup is a little sprinkle with salt and seasoned with herbs.

Diet diet by Dr. Mitchell (à La carte)

Every day, you can eat the soup until it is fully saturated. In addition, it should enter into the diet planned for the holidays products.

• Monday: cranberry juice, unsweetened green tea, water and sour-sweet fruit
• Tuesday: vegetables (do not include in the menu, corn and beans), baked potato with a small amount of vegetable oil (1 PCs.), tea without sugar, water and freshly made vegetable juices
• Environment: the diet of the first two days, complemented by savory tea
• Thursday: still water, bananas (2 PCs.) a liter of milk and yogurt (yogurt can be replaced with 500 g low-fat cottage cheese)
• Friday: ripe tomatoes (about 6 pieces), boiled beef (ready — to 700 g), and 6-8 tbsp. carbonated water
• Saturday: beef or chicken boiled non-starchy vegetables and unsweetened green tea and still water
• Sunday: porridge of brown rice and freshly-made fruit juice, diluted with water and still water

the Performance of diets is not in doubt – thanks to gyrosigma some soup and thought out menu for the week goes up to 8 kg of excess weight. To lost weight never came back again after the diet recommended for another week to pay attention to the soup, replacing them with a dinner. During this period, forbidden animal fats, pastries and butter cakes. As with other diets, before radically changing the menu is not superfluous to consult a doctor.