Diet Natalia Podolsky

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Natalia Podolskaya – known pop singer and a graduate of "factory of stars". She represented Russia at the Eurovision song contest in 2005, and about that period in her life became Vladimir Presnyakov. In 2010, the couple legalized their relationship, and in the fall of this year Natalia and Vladimir are expecting the replenishment of the family. It is possible that after giving birth and will be branded

diet Natalia Podolsky

but while our heroine denies his attitude to any special methods of losing weight.

Diet for beloved husband

whatever it was, but diet in the life of a star is still present, though it appeared only thanks to her husband, Podolskaya, Vladimir Presnyakov. Popular at the time, the singer is pretty recovered than the annoyance of the graceful wife. To return a loved one to their previous physical shape, Podolsk, the family Council discussed the new menu. For the sake of solidarity with Vladimir, Natalia refused to ketchup, heavy sauces and dressings, and dairy products high fat content, sausages and canned food. Celebrity couple revealed the plant products, seafood, eggs and low-fat cheeses. Breakfast was served porridge (mainly buckwheat). Periodically Natalia indulges her husband's oven baked chicken stuffed with prunes, but to garnish this dish delivers enough calories fresh vegetables and boiled cabbage. This power scheme has produced significant benefits – not only lost Presnyakov, who actually intended a diet, but Natalia needs no adjustment of the shape (from the appearance of the extra pounds our heroine save the "right" genes).

Star habits

Outside of a forced diet Natalia refuses to cut back on your diet – there's no need. Our heroine leads an active concert activity, so the extra calories go quickly and without residue. Natalia laughed and said that her only diet a late meal.

Natalia Podolskaya and sport

Natalia says that even on her morning exercises "to drive" is impossible. The star can not tolerate intense workout in the gym and not hide it. But still confesses, eventually she'll have to think about this question, because the years go by, and from their eating habits Natalya does not want to give up.

As already mentioned, it is quite possible we will be able to meet with diet Natalia Podolsky, because soon a star will become a mom, and this happy period, as it is known, is usually marked by the appearance of extra weight. In the meantime, that will udovolstviem simple and effective menu family diet.