Spanish diet

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Key recommendations

the Spanish diet is designed for a couple of weeks, during this time, she will allow you to adjust your weight by 3-4 kg. If desired, it can be extended – this will only benefit. The basis of this method of weight loss are foods of plant origin (fruits, berries, vegetables, oils), as well as seafood and low-fat dairy products. From time to time you can treat yourself to a glass of dry wine.

The effectiveness of the diet

As already mentioned, this technique does not affects the high performance of this point, but nutritionists believe is rather positive than negative. When quick weight loss, the skin loses elasticity and droops unsightly folds. Studies have shown that the Spanish diet significantly improves the work of cardiovascular system, cleans blood vessels from cholesterol plaques, and also tones the skin, strengthens the immune system and normalizes metabolism. The best part is that prepositional to your attention the method has almost no contraindications.

the Daily rate of water – 1.5-2 l of Fluid should not drink immediately after eating, and after a while. In the period of the diet under the ban are:
• Sweets
• Butter cakes
• Alcohol (except for dry wines)
• Fat dairy products (especially cream)
• Pickles, smoked meat

Sample menu Spanish diet

• Breakfast: toasted bran bread and a couple of sour-sweet fruit and natural juice
• Lunch: toast of bran bread, seafood salad, dressed with lemon juice and olive oil, and freshly prepared juice
• Dinner: steamed, stewed or boiled in water, vegetables, and fresh sour-sweet fruit

• Breakfast: fresh sour-sweet fruit and freshly prepared juice
• Dinner: stuffed vegetables peppers, lettuce and freshly made juice
• Dinner: serving of boiled shrimp, a small bowl of vegetable porridge from brown rice and 150 ml of dry red wine

• Breakfast: small banana, couple of crackers and a freshly prepared juice
• Dinner: salad of fresh vegetables, a serving of boiled fish and green tea
• Dinner: boiled seafood (e.g., squid), and fruit-salad and a glass of dry white wine

• Breakfast: a serving of low-fat cottage cheese, a Cup of berries and toast with unsweetened tea
• Lunch: boiled or grilled chicken, ripe tomato, grilled and also natural orange juice
• Dinner: crackers and a serving of fruit

• Breakfast: toast of bran bread and a couple of sour-sweet fruit and natural juice
• Lunch: baked vegetables (zucchini, eggplant, etc.), as well as a portion of boiled meat
• Dinner: freshly prepared vegetable juice and kebab of seafood, decorated with greens

• Breakfast: small banana, couple of crackers and pineapple juice
• Lunch: cold vegetable soup based on tomatoes, dressed with a small amount of olive oil and a salad of vegetables and shrimp
• Dinner: salad of beans and avocado, and boiled squid and a glass of dry red wine

• Breakfast: ryvita and low-fat cheese, and a salad of orange and kiwi fruit
• Lunch: vegetable soup without cream and butter (you can add any vegetables, but the basis is better to take spinach)
• Dinner: salad of tomatoes and rucolla, dressed with olive oil and tomato juice

the Spanish diet is simple to implement – if you want you can adjust the menu of this methodology, adhering to the principle of caloric value.