The Manhattan diet Eileen Daspin

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the Manhattan diet made a splash. Not surprising: this technique allows you to lose weight, virtually without limiting themselves in the choice of products.

The author of the diet

the Author of this methodology is Eileen Daspin – journalist from Manhattan. Despite the fact that Eileen already over fifty, her figure is only envy. The author of the Manhattan diet with great pleasure tasting the dishes prepared by the husband (the chef of popular restaurant).

The basic idea of the diet Eileen Daspin

a Fundamental aspect of the diet is respect for your body, prudent choice of used products and strict control of portion size.

it is Important to learn how to assess the stage of the process, "hunger/satiation" (Eileen allocates only 10 degrees). In order to fully feed and it did not get better, should be between the third and seventh steps.

1. Uncontrollable hunger
2. A severe famine
3. The feeling of hunger, accompanied by a slight rumbling in the abdomen
4. Slight hunger
5. Already not hungry but not satiated.
6. Already not hungry.
7. Almost fed
8. Full saturation
9. The feeling of a full stomach
10. The feeling of a full stomach, accompanied by abdominal pain.

as an example, Eileen leads the experiment, carried out by dieticians. It involved two groups. In one of them there were people sitting on a diet, and secondly, don't diet, but controlling the feeling of hunger/saturation.

At first won the first group diet took a certain excess weight, while people from the second group did not thin (but not recovered). After a while the weight of those who sat on a diet, returned to their previous level, while the second group remained at their optimal weight.

The main rules of the Manhattan diet

This method of weight loss and weight control allows you to eat any food, the main rule is eating small portions. Sitting on the Manhattan diet you have to eat 100 grams of meat, and less than half, to drink a glass of wine, and only one-third, to eat no chocolate bars but only a couple of slices.

Periodically it is worth to pamper yourself with sweets. It turns out they are (unless you get carried away) is not only not harmful, but useful (carbs provide a quick boost of energy, help to interrupt acute hunger and contribute to the normalization of emotional state).

During the Manhattan diet is not forbidden to enjoy dark chocolate, caramel, marmalade, marshmallow. In terms of preserving the shapes of sweets are much preferable to fatty foods (French fries, etc.).

What not?

Under strict ban fast food and food packaged in plastic. It is impossible to eat on the go, drinking coffee in a moment when much want to eat. Avoid carbonated beverages. Absolutely contraindicated to prevent the emergence of a strong sense of thirst.

shouldn't be low fat products. Oddly enough, but it is often a good diet food is making us better (being sure the "safety" of such products we eat more than we need). It is not necessary to finish every crumb – small piece of food should remain on the plate.


you Can and should exercise. If this is not possible, will have to allocate time for Hiking.

it is Preferable to not eat pureed food. The priority of warm food (it faster you will be satisfied). Drinks (juice, wine), it is better to dilute with water or add ice.


the Manhattan diet for weight loss has a very positive feedback: it is possible to lose weight without depriving yourself of pleasure to taste all kinds of delicacies. It just can not but rejoice!