Diet figure skaters

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a Career in figure skating and weight – the concepts are completely incompatible. However, the sport forces you to spend a huge amount of energy, so the nutrition of athletes should stay balanced and full. So what is the notorious diet of skaters and does it exist in reality? You can learn the answer to this interesting question.

Proper diet skaters

coaches working with skaters, I believe that the extra pounds may be due to a MIS-allocation of nutrients. Figure skating requires athletes not only physical endurance and well-developed muscles, but also excellent flexibility. Endurance is inconceivable without carbohydrates – their skaters get by eating fruits, vegetables, grains and pasta from durum wheat. Muscle strength is directly dependent on income from food proteins – optimal sources are lean meat, fish and poultry, and low-fat dairy and dairy products. Body flexibility can be maintained a liquid diet. Since skaters at every training session putting yourself at risk of falls that can cause fractures and sprains, they have to enrich their diet with foods containing calcium. Incidentally, this element does not only strengthen bone tissue, but also stimulates conduction of nerve impulses. The main sources of calcium are dairy products and nuts.

of great importance the diet – skaters eat small portions, but often enough. The coaches insist that their children ate at least a couple of hours before workout to the process of digestion is not impeded full employment. This is only General recommendations. In fact, each athlete diet is made strictly individually, taking into account all the factors: gender, age, orientation training process, etc.

Extreme diet skaters (skaters diet)

There is and extreme version of the diet that allows you to adjust the weight before performances. He probably does not cause delight, neither the coaches nor the professional nutritionists. At the same time, the effectiveness of this technique of weight loss is unquestionable.

Menu diet figure skaters

• After waking up: 250 ml of still mineral water
• Breakfast: 1/2 Cup bran (pure or kelp) and 500 ml of unsweetened green tea
• lunch: green apples – 1-2 PC.
• Lunch: rye crackers – 2 PCs. and 250 ml of fat-free yogurt
• Snack: large orange and low-fat cottage cheese (100 g)
• Snack: grain bread (preference for buckwheat) – 4 PCs., and 250 ml unsweetened black tea
• Snack: low-fat cottage cheese (100 g)
• Dinner: beef or white poultry meat, boiled — 100 g (the next day the meat can be replaced boiled eggs – 2 PCs.)

the Duration of the diet should not exceed two to three weeks. Weight loss is 15-20 pounds.

the Diet of the skaters in the first embodiment, no complaints, can not be said about its extreme variety, provoking excessively quick weight loss. Be sensible and don't chase the result.