Fasting day on kefir

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Helpful information

Yogurt provides the body a diverse makeup, bringing few calories (the energy value of the product depends on its fat content). This drink is rich in easily digestible protein, carbohydrates, vitamins b group, minerals (especially a lot of yogurt zinc, calcium and potassium). Drink normalizes bowel movement – using it, you do not fear of constipation (a great role played by special kefir fungi and bacteria). Unloading on yogurt allows get rid of some excess weight (1-1.5 kg/day), neutralize swelling, improves skin condition.

a major benefit of yogurt is its excellent compatibility with various products. The discharge can be carried out with only one yogurt, but you can Supplement it with vegetables, fruits, cereals, bran, etc. Please note – the total caloric intake at the stage of unloading shall not exceed 700-800 calories. Extremely important during this time to drink yogurt, but also water, broth hips, green tea and other healthy drinks. Sugar and salt are prohibited.


Fasting day based on yogurt, is not suitable for people with peptic ulcer disease and hypersensitivity to the components of discharge and with high acidity of gastric juice.


the best option for the discharge of the day is yogurt with 1% fat. Throughout the day you can drink 1.5 l of such a product. If low-fat yogurt not like it, you can replace it with a product of average fat content (2.5%), while simultaneously reducing the norm of consumption up to 1 L. If desired, you can alternate both products throughout the day. You can drink not only yogurt, but also unsweetened drinks, water and teas.

Yogurt, apples

Fasting day on yogurt and apples provide good results – the components of the diet work synergistically with each other. The rate of apples – about 1 kg, the rate of kefir – 1 liter Water should be drunk necessarily. Part of the apples can be baked. For flavoring allowed to use cinnamon.

Kefir, buckwheat

Fasting day on kefir and buckwheat bribes that doesn't make you starve. Stick to unloading can be quite long – 1-3 days you will quite overpower. Throughout the day you can eat buckwheat without salt and fat. To cook it you need 1 tbsp. of grits (cook buckwheat is not necessary, it is sufficient to pour the boiling water over night and well wrap). Recommended to drink yogurt (0.5 l) and teas. The fat content of buttermilk – no more than 2.5%. If you still feel hunger, you can increase the amount of yogurt to make 1 litre Buckwheat and kefir is acceptable how to combine and use separately. Can and does prepare kefir porridge, buckwheat is not Bay water, and yogurt and putting on a night in the fridge. You need to eat 5-6 times a day.

Yogurt, cucumbers

This combination of products provides a strong diuretic and laxative effect, therefore the discharge must necessarily hold in the day. Throughout the day you can eat 1 kg of fresh cucumbers and drinking 1-1.5 liters of yogurt with low fat content. Cucumber, yogurt and chopped greenery, it is permissible to prepare cocktails. Cucumbers, if desired, can be supplemented by celery, lettuce and other green vegetables (General rule vegetables 1 kg).

Yogurt, cottage cheese

Fasting day on yogurt and cottage cheese is also considered to be quite a wholesome option. Small portions throughout the day, eat 400 g of cottage cheese low fat, drink 1 liter of low-fat yogurt. Don't forget about the drinks. Stop your choice on the water without gas, green tea, broth hips.

Kefir, beet

Boil some root vegetables (maximum rate of beets in a purified form – 1 kg). Eat beets, alternating it with small portions of yogurt (daily rate – 1 l). Remember that this unloading provides a marked laxative effect.

Yogurt and bran

Start to unload in the evening – dine with the greatest of ease, take 3 tbsp of bran (bran drink plenty of fluids). The next day, take 3 servings at 2 tablespoons of bran with a glass of water. In between these "meals" drink yogurt (1-1.5 l).

Yogurt, bananas

This variant of unloading also has the right to life (despite the high calorie and excessive sweetness of the fruit). For the day, divide 3 bananas and 1 liter of yogurt. Drink water.


Fasting day on yogurt helps to reduce the volume of the body, but the result is not long delayed. Such unloading is very popular because it promotes cleansing of the whole organism.