Diet Luigi Gratton

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The basic idea of the diet Luigi Gratton

the author of the diet claims that the main cause of obesity is our inability to count calories. Adult enough 2000 kcal, if you need to lose some weight, you will have to cut this figure to 1500-1800 kcal (in this question it is necessary to consider the degree of physical load). The diet must remain a proper and balanced our body needs all nutrients (fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins). To excess fat didn't appear on our flanks need to choose the right sources of these elements. According to Gratton, a complete protein can to provide for themselves by eating poultry, meat and fish vegetable varieties. Be sure to eat peas, soy, beans and rice. The daily rate of protein for women is 50 grams and for men 60 g. the Ratio of fats of animal and vegetable origin – 50/50. The Gratton recalls the importance of fatty acids omega-3 and omega-6, we can obtain from Flaxseed, vegetable oils, fish, wheat, and other useful products.

To get the right proportion of dietary fiber, minerals and vitamins famous nutritionist recommends to eat 5-7 servings of fruits and vegetables, and preferably raw. The author offers to print a table of calories of the main ingredients and always have it on hand. He also advises his followers to eat only when there is a strong feeling of hunger.

Sample menu diet Luigi Gratton

• Breakfast protein steam omelet, toast diet bread with jam (recent — no more than 1 tsp) and half of a grapefruit.
• Second Breakfast: natural yogurt
• Lunch: boiled chicken breast — 85g, a large portion of salad greens and broccoli, and vegetable porridge of brown rice
• Snack: large Apple and a piece of cheese (20-30 g)
• Dinner: lean beef, boiled (170 g) a large portion of steamed vegetables (especially appreciated the spinach and carrots) and a salad, leafy vegetables, small portion of porridge of brown rice and a small bowl of seedless grapes

Physical activity when dieting

Gratton focuses our attention on the fact that physical activity of urban residents is kept to a minimum – even homework for us performing home appliances. To improve it needs through exercise. Practice is three times a week for 30-40 minutes, focusing on aerobic and strength exercises. According to Luigi, press need to download on each of the classes, and other groups of muscles it makes sense to work alternately (that is, during training, you can pay attention to the upper body, the other bottom).

Diet Luigi Gratton provides the ability to establish the correct operation of the digestive system and normalize your weight. Having listened to the recommendations of the famous nutritionist, you can lose weight with benefit for your body.