Diet for eczema

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Information about the disease

Eczema occurs due to a failure of the immune system: the inflammatory process develops on the background of the destruction of skin cells by antibodies. Cause of such phenomena can both internal and external factors. Most often pathological process develops as a result of several reasons.

the internal factors are:
• pathology of kidney and liver (disruption of these bodies leads to accumulation in the organism toxic substances)
• gastrointestinal Disease
• Failure of metabolic processes
• hormonal disturbance
• Immunodeficiency
• Some infectious diseases
• the Factor of heredity
• Diseases of the Central nervous system

External factors contributing to the development of eczema, are:
• Chemical, thermal or mechanical effect on the skin
• Injuries that cause damage to peripheral nerves
• Use of some drugs
• exposure to toxic substances and allergens.

Diet for eczema

to the maximum to protect themselves from the risk of developing eczema, you should:
— to monitor the caloric intake (overeating leads to obesity and metabolic disturbances);
— to control the consumption of simple carbohydrates and fats.
— to maintain a balance of nutrients.

the Diet prescribed for eczema, imposes significant restrictions on the use of the following products:
• Semolina
• Yoghurt with fruit additives
• Carrots, beets, turnips, onions, garlic, tomatoes
• Bananas, black currants, cherries, blackberries, cranberries, strawberries, strawberry
• Unheated butter
• Bread from flour of higher grades
• Pasta
• Fatty meats, bacon
• Dairy products with high fat content
• Fried foods
• the Yolks of eggs
• Rich broth
• saltwater fish

• Semi-finished products, canned food, smoked
• Spicy, spicy, salty food.
• Sweets, cakes and pastries
• Alcohol
• strong brewed coffee and tea

we recommend the following products:
• Vegetable soup
• Porridge, made with water
• Dairy products
• bright, Natural juices, diluted with water (1:1)
• Lean meat, poultry, fish
• Vegetable dishes (in priority bright pumpkins, cucumbers, squashes, peas, different types of cabbage, green beans, lettuce, herbs)
• Green or white varieties of apples and pears, light varieties of cherries and plums, white currants, gooseberries
• mix Melted butter and refined vegetable oil
• Fructose (instead of sugar)
• Wheat bread second grade and grain bread
• Savoury rice and corn sticks or flakes


Diet for eczema provides relief only in the case if observed on a regular basis, and is tailored to individual factors.