The fast diet "1 week 5 kg"

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Fast diet 1 week 5 kg will be of interest to those who wish to approach the ideal in the shortest possible time. On the way to perfection you can use any of the following menu options.

Rigid diet: 1 week minus 5 kg

This diet is, in fact, close to starvation, so don't start it if you have any health problems (and also if you don't believe in their own willpower). On the diet, refrain from active sports better make time for slow Hiking. Suggested daily diet (if you can call it that) divide into 5-6 portions.


• Monday: mineral water without gas
• Tuesday: 1 litre low-fat milk and big Apple (it is recommended to eat in the evening)
• Medium: mineral water
• Thursday: water, unsweetened tea and a liter bottle of salad of raw vegetables (salad can fill with vegetable oil)
• Friday: 1 litre low-fat milk and big Apple (it is recommended to eat in the evening)
• Saturday: tea without sugar, boiled egg, the big Apple, vegetable broth, 100 g of boiled meat and 100 grams of vegetables
• Sunday: 500 ml milk, 100 g low-fat cottage cheese and unsweetened tea

Quick protein-carbohydrate diet for weight loss 5 pounds in a week

As in the previous option, the diet, active sports junk. Dinner in the diet is missing – you can drink only water. Alcohol, salt and sugar are banned. Intake of vegetables and fruits can be somewhat increased, but to stretch the stomach is not worth it. Food of plant origin it is recommended to eat separately from the protein foods within an hour before it or an hour after (in the products menu listed together).


• Breakfast: lettuce, seasoned with lemon juice and a small amount of vegetable oil, 200 ml of kefir or drinking yoghurt, 50-70 g of boiled fish fillet
• lunch: a boiled egg, a couple of toasts, 70-90 g of boiled chicken fillet

• Breakfast: celery, boiled carrots, 80 g of veal boiled, jacket potatoes, green tea
• Lunch: low-fat drinking yoghurt, 50 g of cottage cheese minimal fat, portion of oatmeal and dates (3-5 pieces)

• Breakfast: a serving of vegetable or chicken broth, 3 grain bread, 50 g chicken fillet, boiled
• Lunch: toasted rye bread, a slice (50 g) of boiled chicken or veal, spinach, orange and Apple

• Breakfast: a small portion of buckwheat porridge, 200 ml low-fat yogurt, tomatoes (you can prepare the salad by adding herbs and vegetable oil)
• Lunch: a bowl of cereal from brown rice, 200 ml of fruit juice, grapefruit, kiwi, 30 g of cottage cheese minimal fat and 60 grams of prunes

• Breakfast: 60 g lean meat boiled, boiled egg, cucumber and bell pepper (from vegetables to prepare a salad or eat them separately)
• Dinner: chicken fillet boiled – 50 g, boiled green beans, Apple, orange, dried apricots and walnuts (2 PCs of each)

• Breakfast: fish broth, 50 grams of fish, boiled, 1-3 tbsp of canned green peas, toasted rye bread and unsweetened tea (you can add to a meal 1 teaspoon of honey)
• lunch: a serving of porridge made from brown rice, lettuce, tomato, 1 tsp sesame seeds, 200ml skimmed milk, banana and kiwi.

• Breakfast: a slice of lean ham (not more than 60 g), a portion of buckwheat porridge, bell pepper, 2 tsp. low-fat cottage cheese, tea, a handful of raisins and 1 tsp. honey
• Dinner: half dish of lentils, boiled, 70 g of boiled beef, 200 ml drinking yogurt minimum of fat, a few grapes, handful of nuts (pine or almond)


Fast diet 1 week 5 kg will definitely help you lose weight, but the result hardly will long to please you – weight loss is caused by the bowel cleansing and excretion of excess moisture. If you want to lose weight permanently, pay attention to the less rigid diet.