Diet for osteoporosis

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The main recommendations diet for osteoporosis

to strengthen bones need calcium, and good digestibility of this element needed some vitamins (A, B6, K and D) and minerals (here it is worth to highlight magnesium and phosphorus). The diet should provide the body with the optimum combination of nutrients. This can be achieved by eating sufficient amount of fruits and vegetables (including potatoes and beans). The important role played by dairy products (yogurt, cottage cheese, yogurt), and bread of flour and fatty fish. Doctors recommend it daily to drink a glass of skim milk. Will have to avoid any foods and beverages involving caffeine. Chocolate is highly undesirable. The number of meat products is reduced – they are rich in iron, which prevents the absorption of calcium.

it is Worth Recalling that the daily intake of calcium is 800 mg, and in old age, this figure needs to increase almost two times (up to 1500 mg). Because with one only the diet can be difficult to ensure a complete body calcium, it is recommended to take in the form of pharmacological preparations.

Sample menu diet for osteoporosis

Option # 1

• Breakfast: oatmeal with dried apricots and nuts, filled with a small amount of skim milk as well as fresh orange juice
• Lunch: salad prepared with low-fat cottage cheese, a couple of orange slices, a few grapes, sesame seeds, fresh tomatoes, herbs and lettuce, and a slice of corn bread
• Dinner: spaghetti with grated cheese and tomato sauce, and chicken breast with vegetables (you can use broccoli, spinach, etc.)

Option # 2

• Breakfast: a bagel with sesame seeds and cottage cheese, a few grapes and fresh orange juice
• Lunch: soup with beans, whole grain bread, a yogurt and a green Apple
• Dinner: a portion of fish baked with vegetables and boiled potatoes, lettuce and fresh tomatoes

Food for osteoporosis is calcium, but this does not mean that the body is already in a few weeks will make up for the deficiency of this element. Follow this menu will have for a very long time.