Diet Natalia Oreiro

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Diet diet by Natalia Oreiro

In the interview Natalia said that her figure is imperfect – the thighs and belly to get better at the first feeding disorders. To avoid this, our heroine is almost completely excluded from the diet fatty foods and any fried food and sodas. Oreiro significantly limit the consumption of sweets. The basis of the diet of the actress are products rich in proteins and fiber. Breakfast Natalia usually includes low-fat dairy products and cereals, while lunch and supper – fruits, vegetables and lean meat (fish) dishes. Daily caloric intake of our heroine is in the range of 2000-2400 kcal.

Sample menu diet Natalia Oreiro

Option # 1

• Breakfast: Cup of organic coffee with milk and toast
• Lunch: baked or fresh vegetables, seasonal fruit and a small serving of pasta with a slice of kiln in foil fish
• Dinner: vegetable soup with the addition of cereals and baked fruit
• Snacks: thick berry kissel

Option # 2

• Breakfast: biscuit and unsweetened herbal tea (as an option — drinkable yogurt)
• Dinner: pepper stuffed with vegetables or a vegetable stew, and macaroni from durum wheat (a small amount) and seasonal fruit
• Dinner: thick soup of lentils, boiled chicken fillet and seasonal fruit
• Snacks: Jell-o

Natalia Oreiro and sport

Natalia has always paid great attention to sports, believing that without active training, you can forget about a good figure. Until the baby our heroine every morning, set aside time for a run, and regularly attended a gym and did gymnastics. As soon as possible, a young mother plans to return to training.

there is No doubt that Natalia Oreiro very soon re-appear on our screens – the dedication of our heroine will not allow her to stay at home, doing only some family troubles. Diet our heroine isn't very complicated – you too can use it to progressively get rid of excess weight.