Diet for diathesis

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The main recommendations diet for diathesis

the Body of each of us is different, so abnormal reaction of the body in different people is triggered by different factors and products. The diet aims to identify the allergen and eliminate it from the diet (to facilitate makes sense to keep a food diary). To determine the root of the disease is necessary to avoid highly allergenic foods such as eggs, citrus, honey, chocolate, whole and condensed milk, food rich in artificial additives and so forth are Extremely undesirable in the diet period sugar – the amount is significantly cut back. Salt is also recommended for use on low, adding to already cooked dishes. Very often allergic reactions cause fatty meats, poultry and fish from them, it is recommended to completely give up, giving preference to vegetable types.

throughout the day, food should be consumed in small portions, dividing the daily ration of 5-6 meals.

menu recommended include:
• Cereals (buckwheat, rice, oatmeal)
• Vegetable casserole
• low-fat dairy products
• fruits and Vegetables (with the exception of brightly colored fruit)

the Amount of protein in the diet necessary to count individually (for each pound of weight should have 3-4 grams of protein). To improve metabolic processes in the organism will not prevent to drink the doctor recommended vitamin-mineral complex. In the diet should not be based dishes meat and fish soups.

Diathesis in infants

In this case the diet will have to sit the boy's mother – that she needs to follow these guidelines. When it comes to the introduction of complementary foods (after six months), the mother should start a food diary and to make their observations. The product causing the baby negative manifestations, it is recommended to exclude from the menu. The first feeding of the baby, suffering diathesis, should be vegetables and fruit (squash, apples, etc.). And remember — the initial dose of a new product is always half-teaspoon and no more.

Diet for diathesis must have a balanced composition. If any food item drops out of the food chain, the problem is only growing worse. Please consult with your doctor before making changes in the diet of your child or to drastically change your menu.