Mosfilmovskaya diet

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The main provisions of the Mosfilm diet

This method involves the almost complete elimination of carbohydrates (fats, too, are in disgrace). The main source of energy in the period of the diet is protein-rich foods. This technique allows to protect muscle tissue from damage and speeds up the process of getting rid of excess weight (for processing of proteins the body uses a certain amount of energy). Unfortunately, the menu presented below does not possess the diversity to withstand the test of a poor diet under force far not to everyone. In case of any health problems from this technique should be abandoned, however, even with excellent health its duration should not exceed 12 days. During this period of time is usually spent 6 to 9 kg of excess weight.

Menu Mosfilmovskaya diet

when dieting, you cannot deviate from the specified menu. Under complete prohibition are sugar, any fats and salt. We recommend that you drink non-carbonated mineral or table water, tea (better – green).

• Days 1, 2 and 3: kefir average fat content
• Days 4, 5 and 6: chicken without skin, boiled
• the Days number 7, 8 and 9: apples (without number restrictions, priority for green varieties)
• Days No. 10, 11 and 12: low-fat cheese and dry red wine (2-3 glasses a day)

Correct completion of Mosfilm diet

To test a poor menu, not in vain, after a diet is to control the range of dishes and products.

the Hard limit shall be:
• Simple sugars
• Greasy and fried foods
• Fats of animal origin
• Products made with white flour
• Alcohol

Priority should be for food of plant origin, as well as for low-fat dairy products and lean meats (poultry, fish).

by Choosing this diet, you should remember that rapid weight loss is usually to no good does not. Nutritionists recommend to lose weight slowly but steadily – this allows you to maintain health and protects against sagging of the body associated with abrupt weight loss.