Protein and vegetable diet

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The first option

the Duration of this method of weight loss does not exceed 5 days, while it takes 3-5 kg of excess weight. The full exception to be alcoholic and carbonated beverages, sugar and potatoes.

Day # 1
• Products all day: fresh and boiled vegetables, tomato juice (1.5-2 l), and a pair of toasted rye bread

Days 2 and 3
• Breakfast: Cup of tea with 1 tsp natural honey and toast, smeared transparent layer of oil
• Lunch: boiled chicken without skin (150 g) and low-fat chicken broth, and boiled white beans and toast diet bread
• Snack: green tea with 1 tsp honey or maple syrup
• Dinner (optional):

1. Meat (poultry, fish) boiled – 200 g
2. Low-fat cottage cheese (200 g)
3. Welded soft-boiled or in a bag eggs (2 PCs.)

Days 4 and 5
• Breakfast: anything from fruit and low-fat yogurt (150 g)
• Lunch: vegetable soup with toasted diet bread, as well as any fruit.
• Snack: anything from fruits
• Dinner: salad of boiled or fresh vegetables and low-fat cottage cheese (100-150 gr) with a slice of rye bread yesterday's baking.

For all the days you can drink non-carbonated water and unsweetened teas (herbal is best).

The second option

This diet lasts 20 days and takes 5-10 kg weight loss.

Days 1, 2 and 7
• the diet for the day: a couple of toasted rye bread and 1.5 l of low-fat yogurt

the Days of No. 3, 4, 8, and 9
• Breakfast: boiled eggs (2 pieces) or lean meat, boiled (150 g)
• Lunch: lean beef or chicken broth and boiled meat or poultry (150g)
• Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese (200 g) and 1% yogurt (200 ml)

the Days of No. 5, 6, 10 and 11
• the diet for the day: fresh, boiled or steamed vegetables

With a 12-day cycle of the diet is repeated from the beginning. Throughout the 20 days you need to drink water without gas, vegetable juices and unsweetened teas.

The third option

This variant protein and vegetable diet lasts for 3-4 days and takes 2-3 kg.

throughout the day
• Vegetables fresh or boiled (potatoes need to be completely deleted) – 1 kg
• low fat cheese – 50 g
• Brewed in pouch egg – 1 PC.
• Lean ham – 50 g
• lean meat (as an option — poultry, fish, cheese) – 100 g

Liquid diets need to include non-carbonated water, unsweetened green tea and broth hips.

The fourth option

the length of this protein-vegetable diet 3-4 days. Daily weight loss average is 0.5 kg.

• Breakfast: kefir 1 % – 200-250 ml
• Second Breakfast: kefir 1 % – 200-250 ml and a serving of low-fat cottage cheese (100 g)
• Lunch: vegetable soup and salad of green vegetables, seasoned with lemon juice
• Dinner: a piece of boiled lean meat, leafy vegetables and green tea or broth hips.

Poor menus any diet allows you to quickly lose those extra pounds. Giving preference to one of them, do not forget that a lack of fatty acids can lead to certain problems – do not tighten the diet, even if it does not cause any discomfort.