Vitamin diet

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Vitamin diet strengthens the immune system and allows you to lose some excess weight. The subject of our article.

Vitamin diet for a week

This technique of weight loss is designed for 7 days. The daily diet includes 4 meals, the last one should be completed by 19.00. During diet period great attention should be paid to vitamin drinks: infusion of rose hips, herbal and green tea, natural juices and fruit drinks. Your contribution to the cleansing of toxins makes melt or sparkling mineral water.


• Breakfast: porridge made from brown rice with the addition of pumpkin and apples, and unsweetened green tea
• Lunch: thick vegetable soup with greens and a vegetable dish with boiled Turkey fillet and juice
• Snack: baked Apple with raisins and a small amount of honey
• Dinner: vegetable buckwheat porridge, a serving of low-fat cottage cheese broth hips

• Breakfast: a salad of carrots and apples with raisins and ? teaspoon of natural honey and also unsweetened green tea with lemon
• Lunch: soup with mushrooms and white beans, a serving of vegetable ragout and natural Apple juice
• Snack: a handful of prunes or dried apricots (no more than 70 grams)
• Dinner: cabbage rolls, stuffed vegetables and the tomato juice or berry juice

• Breakfast: a couple of boiled eggs or an omelet steam, as well as vegetable salad and a Cup of organic coffee without sugar
• Lunch: soup of vegetables and baked in foil fish fillets, and organic orange juice
• Snack: mango or kiwi.
• Dinner: risotto with vegetable broth and a decoction of rose hips

• Breakfast: muesli with fruit juice or low-fat yogurt
• Lunch: salad prepared with cooked chicken, eggplant and orange and vegetable juice
• Snack: small banana
• Dinner: beet caviar and green tea

• Breakfast: salad of green Apple and fresh pumpkin, seasoned with lemon juice and 1 tsp of honey, and a Cup of organic coffee without sugar
• Lunch: vegetable soup with greens (you can add garlic), and also unsweetened green tea with lemon
• Afternoon tea: large orange or a couple of tangerines
• Dinner: low-fat cottage cheese – 120 g, seasoned with yogurt and 1 tbsp of natural honey and green tea

• Breakfast: fruit salad, dressed with low-fat yogurt and green tea
• Lunch: soup-puree of pumpkin, a slice of lean ham, tomato and vegetable juice
• Snack: kiwi or Apple
• Dinner: steam dish of vegetables and berry juice or green tea

• Breakfast: a pair of toast with diet jam, as well as unsweetened green tea
• Lunch: soup with chicken broth and a salad of green vegetables, and broth hips
• Snack: a few slices of pineapple
• Dinner: pasta with tomato sauce and shrimp, as well as berry juice

Protein-vegetable vitamin diet

This option is vitamin diet is based on separate consumption of protein and vegetable food. The duration of this power system is increased to 10 days, weight loss of 5-7 kg. you can Drink those vitamin drinks that in the first embodiment (in between meals, but not immediately after them). Sugar, seasonings and any fat should be deleted. Salt must be used with moderation or even to abandon it. The diet includes 6 meals and prepared themselves.

the Recommended protein foods:
• Egg
• Fish
• lean cuts of Meat grades
• poultry Fillets without skin
• low-fat dairy products (cheese, cottage cheese, low fat cheese)
• Seafood

Recommended vitamin food:
• Any vegetables, except potatoes
• Any fruits, except bananas, persimmon, grapes and apricots
• Greens
• Dried fruit (limited)

Sample menu

• Breakfast: boiled eggs
• Second Breakfast: orange or grapefruit
• Dinner: lean meat boiled 200 g
• Dinner: lettuce, seasoned with lemon juice
• Dinner: cooked without fat white fish fillet — 200 g
• Before sleep: Apple

Vitamin diet useful and easy to use. Be sure to use it simple menu, but do not exceed the recommended dieticians of time – long rejection of fat to anything good does not.